If Parliament Is Shut Down Because Of Virus Threat, What About WLBC?

There’s talk of the Houses of Parliament shutting their doors

and allowing MPs and Lords to vote remotely in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus. Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has held talks with England’s Chief Medical Officer to discuss plans for if the outbreak gets worse.

But what about WLBC shutting its doors, and even LCC too?  Why not!

MPs yesterday suggested holding debates by video link and introducing electronic voting so politicians do not need to travel to Westminster. There are particular concerns about how the virus could affect members of the House of Lords, who have an average age of 70. More than a hundred peers are over 80 years old. The disease has been found to be more dangerous for older people. Well, just imagine, the Lords and Ladies would probably be paid their £305 a day just for logging on! What a wheeze! They could operate a computer operated buzzer to wake them up for voting!

At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, the SNP’s Carol Monaghan raised fears that MPs could bring the infection back to Parliament from their constituencies. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said ‘Discussions are already taking place with parliamentary authorities and scientific and medical advisers. I’m sure Parliament will be led by the advice of the experts in terms of taking the steps it needs in order to protect the people who work there.’

A Parliament spokesman added ‘We are monitoring the situation closely and continue to work with the Department for Health and Public Health England. We have taken a range of precautionary measures including placing information posters across the Parliamentary Estate encouraging thorough handwashing”.

It is understood the Commons has now used more soap in the last week than it normally does in a month. They must have been a right shower of dirty old buggers before that then?

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