Top Man In Dog Poo Tirade

Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey has hit out at irresponsible dog owners for dumping dog waste next to Glenburn Sports field. Neil commented to the SKEMnews which published the pics below. “Following complaints from local residents I visited the site to find a disgusting mess.

“For a long period irresponsible dog owners have been dumping their dog waste in a large sack of rubble at the bottom of Glenburn sports field. This is one of 3 sacks deliberately left at the site to prevent unlawful vehicle access onto the sports field.

“This dump is so bad and so disgusting that I have reported it to the Council so it can be taken away immediately. I know there is a demand for more dog waste bins but there is absolutely no excuse for this filthy action. If dog owners can’t find a bin close by they should be disposing dog waste in their own bin at home”.

Neil is reported to have had a spat with OWLs, the “right wing lobby group” as he described them. He suggested a “magic stunt was pulled by OWL and Councillor Adrian Owens who continues to bleat about this Council administration and its priorities but completely fails to produce any alternatives. OWL seem incompetent and incapable of participating properly in the budget process and they should stick with what they do best by campaigning against students, litter and broken bin lids”.

It’s might be that if Neil asks them nicely they will also campaign against dog poo, unless he feels that is more his special subject? And, somewhat nearer to home, the Skelmersdale Beacon Park Golf Course dump remains partly flooded and unplayable as the landfill is still not levelled years later than planned for. 

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