No UK Flood Relief From UK Funds Paid To The EU

While the UK is flooded

Facts4EU tells us the EU has given nothing to the UK flood victims since 2016 from its Disaster Fund. But there were 17 EU payouts in last 3 years for other countries, part-paid for by UK taxpayers.

Where was the flood of ‘EU Solidarity’ for British citizens in recent years? The EU has a natural disasters fund for EU member countries experiencing extreme events, mainly floods. Payouts have totalled €5.2 billion. Since 2016 the UK has received nothing.

The European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF) was created after the floods in Central Europe in the summer of 2002. So far 24 different European countries have been supported.

The “European Union Solidarity Fund”

Since 2002 the EU has agreed to pay out for floods and severe weather related events 77 times. In 17 years, only two of these 77 payouts went to the UK. In the last 10 years the UK has received just 1.5% of the money paid out.

That’s the same percentage as Serbia has received, and Serbia isn’t even an EU member state. Meanwhile, for the last 18 years the UK taxpayer has been funding 12.5% of the payouts to 27 other countries. This fund is called the “EU Solidarity Fund”. The UK was a member of the EU until 01 Feb this year, 2020. British people in flooded areas may feel entitled to ask the EU “Where has your solidarity been?”.

EU Directives have hampered dredging and traditional water management. For generations, British farmers and landowners as well as waterways authorities, have dredged rivers, culverts, streams and ponds, as part of the regular maintenance of the countryside.

Then in 2000 a raft of EU Directives started appearing – particularly the Water Framework Directive and its sub-directives, as well as the Waste Framework and Habitat Directives – which began to interfere in the normal dredging traditions. There are so many EU Directives which now affect water management and dredging that we will not list them all.

Suffice it to say that whilst the EU has not yet banned dredging completely, it has made it much more difficult and much more expensive. Read this again “for the last 18 years the UK taxpayer has been funding 12.5% of the payouts to 27 other countries” and rejoice at our leaving the EU!

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