Labour Party “Braced For Losses” In May’s Council Elections

Labour to lose control of West Lancashire?

While they are digging for improvements in Skelmersdale, is Labour soon to lose control of West Lancashire council? The BBC suggests that might be so!

The challenge facing Labour’s next leader has been laid bare by internal research suggesting the party is facing “one of its worst” results in recent history in May’s local elections. An internal party document, passed to the BBC, says it should brace itself for the loss of councils including Plymouth, Amber Valley and Harlow.

In a worst-case scenario, Labour risks losing 315 seats and control of historic strongholds such as Sheffield. Voters go to the polls on 7 May. Seats in about 118 councils in England will be up for grabs.

Mr Corbyn’s successor as Labour leader will be announced on 4 April, leaving them with barely a month to lead the party into its most significant electoral test since December’s general election defeat.

In every scenario, Labour would lose control of Plymouth, Harlow in Essex, Amber Valley in Derbyshire, and West Lancashire. In two scenarios Southampton would be lost and in the worst-case scenario, the bastion of Sheffield, held by Labour for most of the last 75 years, would also fall.

In this scenario, Labour would lose control of another nine councils, with 315 councillors across England losing their seats. Only Wirral, where Labour is currently running a minority administration, and Burnley, where Labour is already the largest party in a “hung” council, are listed as possible gains.

Watch out, Wally might be about to become council leader!

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