Council Sets Out New Initiatives

While continuing good financial work 

West Lancashire Borough Council is scrutinised by our “public eye”. WLBC is working hard to meet financial challenges and provide the services local people need. During the last 10 years the Council has shown great financial prudence and innovation to generate additional income and savings worth over 30% of its budget in the face of reductions in government funding. A new Sustainable Organisation Review has built on that sound financial work and is now being implemented to help the Council become self-financing over the next three years. This will generate income, efficiencies and savings worth £1.9 million a year while helping to change to a new neighbourhood approach to providing many services.

This new structure has enabled the council to set a budget allowing it to maintain frontline services while investing in the following projects: • Increased funding for the planting of new trees • More electric car charging points in the Borough • Replacement litter bins for those in poor condition and additional litter bins to be installed in areas of high usage • Educational programmes regarding litter • More funding for play area improvements • Extra funding to promote Ormskirk Market

Councillor Adam Yates, portfolio holder for Transformation and Resources, said “The Council has done well to meet the financial challenges it has faced. We are working to become self-financing in the future and we will continue to manage our finances well to ensure we can maintain frontline services and fund important new initiatives for the people of the Borough”.

Council Tax rates

The Council Tax for West Lancashire Borough Council, for the government designated ‘average’ Band D property in 2020/21 will be £208.39 per year, or around £4.01 a week. Most of the properties in West Lancashire are designated Band A and B, and so will pay less than this.

Around 11% of the Council Tax comes to the Borough Council. The total council tax includes charges from Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire Constabulary. The Council Tax for some areas will also include a parish council precept.

The bills for ‘average’ Band D properties (excluding parish council precepts) are set out below:
2019/20 2020/21 Change
West Lancs Borough Council £203.39 £208.39 2.46%
Lancs County Council £1,346.59 £1,400.32 3.99%
Lancs Combined Fire Authority £69.48 £70.86 1.99%
Lancs Police Authority £201.45 £211.45 4.96%
Total £1,820.91 £1,891.02 3.85%

Will pensioners, low paid, unemployed, receive increases in their incomes to cover this 3.85%? No surprise to see Clive Grunshaw picking our pockets better than any other public robbers! What we need now is a running total of the ten years mentioned above, years of tax increases, so we can all know how much we have lost in this great show of “public prudence”?

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