The Oakland Golf and Leisure Pension Fund

In answer to a query about the disclosure of an Oakland Golf and Leisure Pension Scheme with Jonathan Russell Snellgrove and Sharon Marie Snellgrove both of Mill Cottage, 20 Rockery Road, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5AS as Trustees, all of the information is publicly available via Companies House,

under Oakland Golf and Leisure (UK) Ltd Registered Number 09350603.

Charge 1 26/04/2019 Contains Fixed Charge(s) and Contains Negative Pledge. Persons entitled Lloyds Bank PLC.  Brief description.  The property known as 62 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4AP registered at HM land registry with title number WYK690096. Contains fixed charge. Contains negative pledge.

Charge 2 delivered 10 September 2019 Status Outstanding. Persons entitled Jonathan Russell Snellgrove; Sharon Maria Snellgrove; Dcd Trustees Limited. Brief description; Contains fixed charge. Contains floating charge. Floating charge covers all the property or undertaking of the company. Contains negative pledge.

What is noticeable about the relationship of Oakland Golf and Leisure with Serco/WLBC is that while UK Sports Parks Ltd Registered Number 06874084 was finally dissolved on 13/04/16, WLBC had received planning application 2016/0040/FUL to vary 2011/0787/FUL on 12 January 2016 and Mr Harrison, Interim Director Planning WLBC, signed the permission on 22 February 2016. A simple search by any competent officer as required by due diligence, even at this late stage, of UK Sports Parks Ltd, would have exposed the directorship links to the issues of the unpaid HMRC £100,000 VAT liability. 

Let us be quite clear, that as it stands, parts of the Beacon Park Golf Course are unrecognisable from its former glory. It will not be restored for a long time.

The landfill project has produced huge sums of royalties to the various participants. The losers are the talented senior golfers and the council tax payers of West Lancashire. Perhaps Rosie Cooper MP will be active on their and our behalf to bring forward a public inquiry, and the sooner the better!


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