No Council Due Diligence, Less Council Control Over Assets

We recently wrote about “Local Council Due Diligence? Never Heard Of It!”

in respect of the Beacon Park Golf Course and the landfill royalty swindle thereon. Under the swindle, only Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, its West Lancashire Leisure Trust, and Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd/Oakland Golf and Leisure (UK) Ltd had rights of development, resulting in WLBC turning a blind eye to the golf course ruination, especially crass in view of the £1 lease debacle!

But there was another element to this debacle, as we paid due diligence to the people involved in what a WLBC senior officer regularly referred to as “Oaklands”. We found rather more than he did about “Oaklands”. Because whereas WLBC council tax payers still have no financial gain, and very little leisure from the golf course wreckage, others have consolidated their assets.

The old Cottage Fields Sports Park Limited, Director Jonathan Russell Snellgrove, became UK Sports Parks Ltd Company Number 06874084, ultimately dissolved on 13 April 2016 after concluding a massive VAT avoidance of £100,000.

Who can forget that “Serco have proposed a surplus income share arrangement. They have not included any management fees in the cost of the operation and have agreed to absorb any losses incurred within the golf course arrangement during the contract period. The surplus income share is based on 1/3rds (thirds) distributed equally to West Lancashire Borough Council, West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust, and Serco Leisure Operating Limited”. And as SLOL lays claim to ownership of the Leisure Trust their share is 2/3rds? Below, we turn to the remaining beneficiaries of the landfill.

“Oaklands” and its directors. Jonathan Russell Snellgrove and Sharon Marie Snellgrove, both of Mill Cottage, 20 Rockery Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5AS, who we now find to be Trustees and members of the Oakland Golf and Leisure Pension Fund, address 94 Consfield Avenue, New Malden, Greater London KT3 6HE,  VAT ID GB 313356928.

Described as the “Mortgagor” of a property at 62 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds S18 4AP, the Land registry shows the property sold for £678,500 on 26 April 2019, the same date the Chief Land Registrar was notified of a mortgage deed between the said Trustees (the Mortgagor) and the Lloyds Bank plc (the Customer).

What with all of this wheeling and dealing based on the landfill royalty, the tax avoidance and evasion, the only innocent people, the council tax payers who want to play golf, can perhaps benefit from street golf?

Just don’t play it on Long Lane, Aughton!

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