David’s Got Talent

You remember Aughton’s Got Talent

the annual Aughton “Showbiz” extravaganza shows? Run by Dr David Gallagher and Eunice Woof MBE, they were highly successful for charities like the Queenscourt Hospice and The Stroke Association.

Well now, it’s been announced that David Gallagher will perform a “One Man Show”, probably for the British Heart Foundation at Aughton Village Hall on Saturday 5 September 2020, 7.00. – 10.30 pm

Tickets will cost Adults £10, Children, senior Citizens £5.

Dr Gallagher writes

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

“Four crossed out… three crossed out … around two hours of entertainment, well that’s what I’m calling it anyway, for your delight and delectation at the Aughton Village Hall.

“I will be doing my: Impressions; Comedy act; Magic Act; Singing Act;
Dancing Act.

“Not necessarily in that order and not for that long either, maybe an hour and a half?…What do you think I am, superman or something? I also apologise in advance for unconsciously ripping off any previous catchphrases, jokes or material that comedians have done in the past and who have influenced my comedy style. It is quite intentional, I mean, unintentional, not the style… no…oh I give up.

“Plus I still need a lot of practice on my magic act, which is rather sketchy at the moment. I do have some tricks up my sleeve, though.

“Singing and dancing act, well that’s quite different, both of them together at the same time?… Well, I’m not quite sure about this one just at the moment. This is subject to a clear bill of health from the doctor and it also involves me dual- or double-tasking, whatever you call it…is it multi-tasking? I will have to ask any ladies who come on the night.

“And…I will be wearing a series of disguises (or maybe just silly hats depending on the budget) throughout the evening.

“The bar will be open and refreshments at the interval, if I manage to rope some people in, I mean, I am nearly 100% positive that there will be some biscuits and cake left.

“Anyway, all proceeds above what I’m paying to hire the hall and all my expenses and that…no I won’t be chauffeur-driven to the Aughton Village Hall… I will be either on my bike or in the Chicago car, well that’s what I call the All that Jazz or Honda, don’t ask me what the registration is… I am saving that for my Memory Act, which I am not doing this time because of possible litigation from some Count somebody or other.

“All the money, except any that potentially might rest in my current account for a bit until I work out how much I have lost on the night, will be going to named charity, British Heart Foundation? So come on down, the price is right, and it will be nice to see you, to see you, nice. I want to tell you a story… what do you mean, he’s before my time, just like that! My coffee has gone cold while I am writing this, so I will have to put it in the microwave.

“Songs? Don’t laugh at me cause I’m a fool; Singin’ in the Rain; Moon River; Strangers in the Night; Hushabye Mountain; Heartbreak Hotel; The Boxer; The Wanderer; Somewhere; The Good Life; My Way.

“Comedy Act? School register. Poems; A reading from the book of D.

“Piano? The Wind; The Rain; The Sea; Butterflying Theme

“Piano/ Vocals? Blues Rejection; Chardonnay

“Guitar and Vocals? The Rain; The Stranger; Edyta Butterfly”

There will be tea, coffee, biscuits and some cakes for the interval. The bar will also be open. Put it in your diary.

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