What Will May 2020 Bring Wally Westley?

You may recall, May 2015

when Westley claimed to the Visiter “OWL is less of a political party and more about failed political ambition together with an ill thought out set of policies designed to grab a headline than bear serious consideration”?

Stupidity personified, as we all know. By February 2020 OWLs “less of a party” now have 6 West Lancashire wards. That’s some failure? That’s not “grabbing headlines” but gaining seats. That’s not “ill thought out policies” but policies the public voted for. And we have another OWL policy for the public to consider, especially for Aughton given the huge allowance amounts disclosed today,

“Councillor allowances or “pay” in West Lancashire is voted on and agreed by… you guessed it, councillors themselves. Our West Lancashire believe that this process should be more transparent than it is. That’s why today we are publishing our submission to the IRP for all to read. What’s more we are calling on the Labour and Conservative groups to also publish their stance on councillor allowances by releasing their submissions to the IRP.

“There is though a small group of outside people who advise on allowances. They are known as the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP). This month, they have asked each of the three political groups for their stance on councillor allowances as they conduct their review before providing their advice”.

We should be told in time for the May 2020 elections what each party stance is. He who pays the piper calls the tune?

2 thoughts on “What Will May 2020 Bring Wally Westley?

  1. Adrian Owens

    Alas the main parties have been somewhat reticent in revealing their submissions to the independent panel. Hints at what they said in them though are revealed in the panel’s report to full council tomorrow.


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