Flooded In Town Green, Again!

Once again, some heavy rain, residents expect to have a highways anti-flooding infrastructure suitable for modern use.

There isn’t one here, nor has there been one for years. As ever, flood water running down gutter grids totally blocked in Parrs Lane, onto Prescot Road, gathering at the Town Green Lane junction and off past the school to flood the Aughton Surgery entrance. It will be a miracle if any child has dry feet in the local school today!

It’s appalling. We have five WLBC councillors and one LCC councillor. Collectively they cost us £57,772 for the two Aughton WLBC wards and one LCC division. All five are invisible, useless to council tax payers, as proved by the images we show of today compared with those of up to ten years ago.

Four WLBC Aughton councillors receive the basic £4,842 annual allowance

One WLBC Aughton councillor, D Westley, receives an extra £3,749 as “Leader of the Opposition”! Or is that “rabble”?

One WLBC Aughton councillor, O’Toole, receives further allowances for LCC and Lancashire Combined Fire Authority posts, in all £35,015.

Elderly and disabled people have to negotiate the above flooded pavement at the local surgery and have done so for years of sheer neglect by any and all Aughton councillors, where were they today, and last year, and before that?

And at the main road junction, we wait for any appearance of flood warning signs, nowhere in sight. 

All the above pictures taken at 9.30am today. No local councillors to pose for us, just no interest, but what do we expect? What value do we receive from our £57,772 investment in representation? And when and if there is a borough reduction of one third of Aughton councillors, will we be rid of these current useless office holders, perhaps a new independent party free from this lot? We live in hope! 

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