France, Not The “Best Trade Partner” Of The UK

On UK’s list of ‘best trade partners’, France comes 222nd out of 236 countries!

Figures show why the French Foreign Minister is unwise to be threatening “la guerre” on the UK. Le Drian and Macron should pick a different foe to distract the French public from troubles at home! Readers will no doubt have seen media reports of the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, giving a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, where he said that the EU and UK would “rip each other apart” in trade talks.

Naturally the BBC gave this coverage, while giving far less to the news about the Gulf countries wanting a trade deal with the UK. We will report on this latter subject as soon as we can. The UK’s closest neighbour is its 222nd remotest friend when it comes to trade!

Brexit Facts4EU.Org analysed the latest official trade figures from the ‘2019 Pink Book’ published by the Office of National Statistics. We looked at trade in goods, trade in services, and at the surpluses and deficits. In particular we looked at France, the UK’s nearest neighbour.

France and its trade with the UK

UK’s closest neighbour comes 222nd out of 236 countries. On trade balance, France has a goods trade surplus with the UK of nearly £5bn per year. The UK’s strength in services only lowers France’s total goods and services surplus by £1.9bn France earns from its trade with the UK. The EU27 countries as a whole earn from their trade with the UK, as latest figures show, the EU27’s surplus on trade of goods and services with the UK was £66.4 billion for 2018.

My own research, through a prolonged period of tasting at home has proved beyond doubt the best wines come from New Zealand

 Australia, Chile, and the USA. Sorry, Le Drian and Macron, but your wine exports will show a considerable drop when others in the UK reach the same conclusion! I’ll drink to that!

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