100 Days To The Re-Taxing Of Over 75s

There’s just 100 days to go until 4 million older people lose their free (untaxed!) BBC TV Licence.

“But we, Age UK, aren’t giving up the fight. We’ve been working around the clock to make the next 100 days the most important of the campaign so far.

“While 45,000 of you contacted the Prime Minister personally, asking him to step in, we’ve been meeting with new MPs and gathering support for the campaign in Parliament”. 

Ignoring Parliament, which is now seemingly indifferent to the re-taxing of over 75s, it should be obvious that the BBC is incompetent, arrogant, and bloated by the ease with which it obtains the £3.9billion a year it now can’t exist on. It needs to be put out of its misery, as soon as possible. Whatever it is, a “national treasure” it ain’t! Just imagine if there was no “BBC Sports Personality Of The Year” because the vastly and obscenely overpaid presenter, Gary Linaker, was made redundant because he was deemed to have no personality himself, which is obvious!


2 thoughts on “100 Days To The Re-Taxing Of Over 75s

  1. stodgey

    The BBC is a collection of overpaid dead people walking. The writing is on the wall because they’ve lost the people – and about time too. After years of arrogant condescension, the worm has finally turned. It was elegantly summed up last night on ‘Questiontime’ – one of those once great programmes, now reduced to a panel of mostly BBC approved clones – and an audience of plants.

    A rare appearance by a panellist from the school of independent thought, Michael Portillo gave his opinion. Even though he works for the organisation, he reckons the Corporation is utterly finished – and change is coming down the railroad track like a train. Forget nothing happening until the charter renewal in 2027, Portillo reckons it’ll be much sooner than that – and that it’s the people who decide what will happen rather than Govt or the BBC.

    He cited several factors; 1) The young are not buying licences because they are not interested in the corporation, not when they have a massive choice of other media on their laptops, iPads and smart phones. 2) The BBC’s obsession with control over its fiefdom means that licence fee payers who are visiting or living overseas are barred from accessing their stations. 3) BBC Worldwide’s total inability to showcase BBC output around the globe, which, according to Portillo now means the worldwide standing of the BBC is in the bin – whereas 20 years ago it was one of the premier communications brands. 4) The BBC have totally failed to keep pace with its international rivals….

    He didn’t mention the default leftism and obsession with the pic agenda – so I will. The sooner the BBC is gone, the better.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      I absolutely agree with all of that comment. Now, we find the BBC being defended by the likes of former Tory cabinet minister Damian Green, who said it would be “foolish” to put public service broadcasting at risk. He added that the plans were not part of his party’s election manifesto. So what?

      Huw Merriman, the MP for Bexhill and Battle who is chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on the BBC, warned No 10 against “ramping up an unedifying vendetta” against the BBC, saying the corporation should “not be a target”. “This is not a fight the BBC is picking nor a contest my party promised if we got elected” he wrote in the Daily Telegraph. “If the BBC ends up in decline, it will be the government which will be accused by the very people we will rely on for support at the next election”.

      But who cares, any more, if the BBC ends up in decline? That’s the basis of the argument, that requiring people to pay a flat fee for a single’s broadcaster’s output is supposedly “justified”. If it isn’t justified, the BBC should be an institution not worth defending or saving.


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