Why Should The Rich BBC Impoverish Over 75s?

From June, only over-75s who are claiming pension credit will be eligible for a free TV licence. Can you believe that the former BBC chairman Lord Grade urged the government not to “impoverish and weaken” the corporation, which he described as the “corner stone” of the creative industries in the UK. So it’s alright that some, many, elderly people will be even more impoverised than the massively overpaid “talent” employed by the BBC?

Grade said the BBC had “huge success in promoting the brand of Great Britain around the world”, adding that any plan to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee “feels like another attempt to impoverish the BBC and weaken it” and should be “abandoned immediately”.

Baroness Morgan said her plans should not be seen as “any kind of attack on the BBC”. The broadcaster is an “incredibly important organisation in the UK and around the world”, she said, but added it was the government’s “duty” to look into the issue of funding.

In a statement, the BBC said “A detailed government-commissioned review (in 2015) found the current system to be the fairest and most effective”. It did not recommend change, in part because the current system is effective in ensuring payment with very few people ever going to prison. If there are changes, they must be fair to law abiding licence fee payers and delivered in a way that doesn’t fundamentally undermine the BBC’s ability to deliver the services they love”. Love? The BBC? Do you sit there watching Silent Witness and saying “Oh I do love the BBC!”. 

Facts,TV licence fee £157.50, Cost of annual household licence from April 2020. Free for those aged 75+, but only for those claiming pension credit (from June). 121,000 people convicted for evasion in 2018. £176 average fine levied on those people. There were around 26 million TV licences being used in the UK last year, generating £3.69bn in income for the BBC. Read that again £3.69billion, and the BBC can’t balance the books!

From Simon Hoare Tory MP

on twitter “In all the talk re BBC I really don’t think it gets it: pay disparity; excessive pay for “stars”; getting rid of over 75s licence and trying to compete with commercial platforms when it’s not commercial. For starters it needs to revoke the over 75s licence decision”.

I’ll vote for that! Signed, impoverished and weak over 80 of West Lancashire! 

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