Flooding And Local Transport Issues

Our Halsall reporter tells us

“Rumours circulating on social media stating that Halsall International Airport has some standing water issues on its runways after Storm Dennis have been greatly exaggerated, according to the WLBC statement that “After conducting thorough and rigorous desktop studies, our investigations concluded there are no surface water problems in this region” Our Drainage expert has assured us there is no reason for concern”. Judge for yourselves?

And over in Burscough our reporter there told us “RNAS Ringtail Airfield is operating a full scheduled submarine service to check the depth of water there and has found no unusual issues thanks to the innovative drainage solutions brought to you by United Utilities, WLBC, and the Environment Agency working together. “There’s no need to publish the Jacobs Report, that’s if it can be found, or set up an IDB as we are ensuring properties and businesses alike are kept well and truly high and dry in Burscough”.

Local bus firms have been running additional services thanks entirely to the recent investment by Lancashire County Council into the latest “eco friendly” amphibious coaches running throughout our outlying villages and towns. “If we have any road flooding issues, the abundance of potholes easily accepts much of the additional surface water that hasn’t drained off our road network!” a Highways spokesman said.

Those who are able to afford a fully electric vehicle can use one of the many free charging points in and around the borough, although WLBC said “We are considering how the Tesla Charging Centre received planning permission for it to be in a field susceptible to flooding. We don’t do cock-ups, but this seems unusual!”. They assured us “There won’t be any “charges” for cars stranded there”.

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