Conversations With A Dinosaur Borough Council Part 2

As shown above, there was a Burscough Flood Studies Investigation in 2010.

From a probably un-flooded WLBC Officer “There seems to be some confusion regarding the responsibilities that WLBC have in regard to land drainage and flooding. I have therefore attempted to clarify matters in the opening paragraphs before answering your queries from email (below) dated

“As you are aware WLBC is a risk management authority (RMA) as defined in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and as such WLBC has a duty to manage flood risk from ordinary watercourses (not watercourses which have been designated ‘main river’). WLBC manage this risk by working with the lead local flood authority and other RMAs to take flood risk into account when making decisions on development. To this end I would refer you to the attached WLBC guidance notes relating to drainage, flood risk and sustainability. The following link can also be used to gain access to a downloadable copy of the current WLBC guidance notes relating to drainage, flood risk and sustainability:…..registration-and-validation.aspx

“With regard to other responsibilities that WLBC have in regard to land drainage and flooding please follow the following link to the WLBC publically accessible website to see the Members Update 2016/17 Issue: 2, the subject of which inter alia is Land Drainage / Flooding – The Future Approach:

“Referring to the above document my role in the main, is restricted to offering technical guidance and advice on land drainage matters. With this in mind I hope you will appreciate that my responses below are not meant to be unhelpful in any way.

Our often flooded resident replied

“Thank you for taking the time to respond to me regarding our Drainage System.

I have taken the time to read the attached file; (PLANNING APPLICATIONS – DRAINAGE, FLOOD RISK AND SUSTAINABILITY). It has been helpful, and having read it I recognise many of the terms regularly used by those concerned with flooding issues so I now have a better understanding of the context of those terms, so thank you. My previous e-mail was mainly focussed on 3 issues.

“The first being the manner in which facts appeared to have been distorted by some in important positions to deflect blame from themselves and put it onto a farmer who had already lost thousands of pounds worth of crops, when all he was doing (and it was lawful to do so) was preserving his livelihood. It is shameful how some with influential positions can sit so comfortably with deceit.

“The second issue relates to the Boathouse Sluice and the Ring Ditch. You are right, they are classed as a Main River. and the maintenance from the information I have is that they are maintained by the Environment Agency and the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust respectively. I have had recent correspondence with the Lead Flood Authority on the matter, and it would appear that they are not able to hold the Environment Agency to account. However, I think I will have to get back to them regarding the Ring Ditch issue.

“Having said that, regardless of who is held to account, this does form a vital part of Burscough’s drainage, and I am sure that West Lancashire Borough Council cannot absolve itself of all responsibility when it comes to ensuring that our drainage system remains safe and unobstructed, as together with other Agencies whom you would claim to work closely with as “Partners”, if a problem has been identified and has been brought to the attention of one of the Authorities, then I am not sure that simply stating “it is not our responsibility” is a suitable or advisable response to make.

“You are at the moment the only individual within West Lancashire Borough Council with whom I am in contact, and I am conscious that you would have many other pressing matters to deal with. With this in mind, I would like to ensure that the issues relating to the failures in the Drainage System are well documented together with WLBC’s action to resolve them. If there is another Department or Individual who my enquiries should be directed to then if you could please let me know in order to reduce the workload on yourself.

“The third matter related to the “Light brown water” coming from the direction of the Yew Tree Farm Site. Your response indicates that no enquiries have been made by WLBC. Would it be fair then to say, that it is not possible to exclude the Yew Tree Farm Site as the source of this flood water?”

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