What Links Fraudulent Companies With Beacon Park Golf Course?

The Gazette, the Official Public Record

links companies and people to Beacon Park Golf Course, as did the failed fiduciary duty of West Lancashire Borough Council owed to its taxpayers. As Mr Justice Cranston

stated in 2011 “For especially ‘in these days of public bodies contracting-out services to small businesses and charities, it seems especially important to protect agreements which the latter make in good faith with them’. And the “party best placed to guarantee lawful action and procedural propriety is the public body itself”. 

In response to a question this week about the state of WLBC owned Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC) after the failed landfill operation and the prospects of Serco Leisure Operating Ltd ever restoring the course to its former glory, we look at the history of people involved in its demise into a partial heap of mud and excessive landfill. 

While BPGC was in the hands of DCT Leisure Ltd and its Director Mark Prosser, the course was known for its quality. But DCT Leisure  Ltd wasn’t making enough profit and ultimately filed for insolvency, leaving unpaid VAT of circa £60,000 plus others.

“Meetings of Creditors. DCT LEISURE LIMITED. Other Names of Company: Beacon Park Golf & Country Club (Company Number 02813722 ). Registered office: Beacon Lane, Dalton, Upholland, WN8 7RU. Principal trading address: Prospect House, George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DJ. Notice “…under Section 98 Legislation of the Insolvency Act 1986 that a meeting of the creditors of the above-named Company will be held at The Old Bank, 187a Ashley Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA15 9SQ, on 14 March 2012”…for the purposes mentioned in Sections 99, 100 and 101 of the said Act”. Darren Terence Brookes and Gary Gorbett of Milner Boardman & Partners…is qualified to act as an insolvency practitioner in relation to the above and will furnish creditors, free of charge, with such information concerning the company’s affairs as is reasonably required. Signed by Mark Prosser, Director. 17 February 2012.

Into the breach stepped Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, already controversially the preferred provider of leisure services by WLBC since circa 2004/2005. But the smell of landfill royalties was in the air, as Prosser had inferred, but too late for him. Serco engaged with Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, ignoring its previous insolvency record by director Jonathan Russell Snellgrove through UK Sports Parks Ltd via Cottage Fields Sports Park Ltd..

But who cared? Even while the above insolvency was proceeding the WLBC Interim Director of Planning John Harrison considered and then signed an application 2016/0040/FUL to vary 2011/0787/FUL and grant planning permission to Oakland Golf And Leisure Ltd of 20 Rockery Road Leeds, address as with VAT/Corp Tax, Knowsley Council swindlers UK Sports Parks Ltd.  

In other judgements “Lord Wilberforce  noted that the GLC owed ‘a duty of a fiduciary character to its ratepayers who have to provide the money”. 


And Lord Scarman   “accepted that the House of Lords had to construe the statute in question ‘in the light of the principle that a local authority owes a fiduciary duty to its ratepayers’.

When could we expect those wise words to be applied by WLBC to Beacon Park Golf Course?

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