Running Into The Arms Of The Law

Years after attempts to close the Aughton Police Station at Town Green Railway Station failed, it proved its worth by the latest arrest there.

A suspected Aughton burglar was captured when he tried to escape by catching a train at Town Green station. He may have been unaware the Aughton Police Station is on the same platform but once on the train his escape was over.

The driver halted the journey to allow officers on board to carry out his arrest. Officers from Ormskirk Police revealed details of the incident, writing “A huge thanks to the residents and Merseyrail for holding the train for us while we assisted the offender in alighting it. #chuffed #burglaraware”.

The suspect was chased from an alleged burglary on Delph Lane. “The incident related to an alleged burglary in Aughton around 10.30am. A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary and is currently at hospital in custody”.

Rosie Cooper MP was instrumental in her support of local residents who petitioned and arranged a local referendum to save it from closure despite the Aughton Parish Council opposing them. Now, it is used regularly by Ormskirk police.

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