We Own It, Although You Might Think Serco Does

Having published the “The Outsourcing Of Golfing Services Shambles By WLBC Leisure Services” just days ago we can confirm officially that outsourcing to Serco remains alive and well in WLBC plans for its leisure services.

Having asked WLBC “I’m forwarding emails I have exchanged in respect of which leisure facilities are being discussed at the Cabinet Working Group. Would you be kind enough to let me know which of our publicly owned leisure centres are under discussion for extended leisure contracts”.

The response today “With regards to your question which seeks confirmation of “which of our publicly owned leisure centres are under discussion for extended leisure contracts”. I can confirm that the details of the proposed contract extensions are currently being finalised, however it is proposed that the contract extensions will include the following leisure centres /facilities: Nye Bevan, Park Pool, Burscough Sports and Racquets Centre, Beacon Park Golf Club, Banks Leisure Centre”.

So the saga, the agony, of Senior golfers at the Beacon Park Golf Course goes on seemingly without end while Serco is in charge. I recently asked WLBC “I am writing to ask for clarification of the membership numbers at Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC). I originally asked this as a FoI Act question on the whatdotheyknow service. I received a late reply that states “In response to your request for membership numbers and contract details for Beacon Park Golf Course 2020 I have attached a copy of theMembership Contract provided to me by Serco Leisure Ltd who manage the golf course.They have informed me that they have offered members a 50% reduction on fees whilst the course works are being carried out, and this will continue until the works have been completed. They are not prepared to provide membership numbers therefore I am unable to give you that information”.

My response “I consider the refusal by Serco Leisure Operating Ltd to provide the information to be intolerable. I hardly need to remind you the BPGC is publicly owned. Any attempt to deprive council tax payers of essential information breaches the commitment of WLBC to be transparent. The current state of the BPGC is disgraceful and dangerous.

Would you be kind enough to examine this situation and provide me with an answer from WLBC and not Serco Leisure Operating Ltd? I have asked for an internal review which will probably delay the matter another month, and that too will be intolerable”.

It might be opportune to ask “Who is NOT sick of Serco” when looking at the now ruined Beacon Park Golf Course?

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