Litter Pick In Aughton

OWLs in support of Aughton being litter-picked

“Dear Aughton Residents,

“John Waugh, an Aughton parish councillor has arranged a community litter pick of Aughton this Thursday 6th February. Our West Lancashire are supporting the litter pick.

“The meeting point is the scout hut next to Christ Church on Long Lane at 10am. Litter pickers and waste sacks provided. Volunteers will work in pairs and its hoped to cover Northway, Winifred Lane, Moss Delph Lane. Long Lane, Swanpool Lane and Prescot Road areas.

“If you can help with this, please call 01695 351361 or by email and we will let John know”.

Our West Lancashire
Putting residents first and foremost

Perhaps this could be extended into Town Green Lane for the railway bridge, with its weeds and rotten wooden fencing. The bridge road surface has potholes that may or may not have been reported by the local County Cllr, it’s just at the bottom of his road, he’s an observant chap, so we are told?

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