How To Make Money Without Doing Anything But Talk

On Brexit night it seems appropriate to relate news of David Cameron and how he earns a crust or two after his swift departure from No 10.

Wrote “How much do you think Cisco’s paying erstwhile Brit PM David Cameron?
In July 2018 “He’s set to headline networking kit firm’s CIO golf-a-thon. Fearless scarperer-in-chief David Cameron is all set to dispense nuggets of Brexit wisdom to Cisco’s October CIO conference – making us wonder how much he’s earning for the stunt.

“The former prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is billed on Switchzilla’s CIO Exchange conference website as giving the keynote speech.

“Curious folk will note that day one of the three-day conference begins at 07:30 with golf, and that the ex-PM doesn’t kick off proceedings until 5pm. Which is entirely reasonable; after all, you wouldn’t want to spoil your time on the links by letting Cisco chief Chuck Robbins interrupt your perfectly perfected putting with a sales pitch.

“Cameron – who famously ragequit British politics altogether after committing himself to keeping the UK inside the EU, only for the vote to swing the other way in June 2016 – his potted bio runs to six full paragraphs puffing up his political achievements rather than the handful of sentences all the other speakers supplied.

“Oddly enough, old Call-me-Dave’s boasts to Cisco about offering “lessons in leadership at an extraordinary and turbulent time in global affairs” do not explain why he snatched up his toys and ran away from the Brexit mess he created, leaving such modern political titans as current prime minister Theresa May and Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to pick over the political nuclear wasteland left by the referendum’s fallout.

“Cameron, along with his former Chancellor George Osborne, is a member of the Washington Speakers’ Bureau

an agency that helps “Greatest Minds” ie ex-failed politicians, earn exorbitant fees for public speaking. The agency helped Osborne net a reported £500,000 in two months.

“With that in mind, then, dear readers, how much do you think Cameron is earning being paid for playing golf and recounting funny stories about his time at 10 Downing Street? More or less than Osborne, or fellow Washington Speakers’ Bureau members such as erstwhile Aussie PM Tony Abbott, former US NSA Peeping-Tom-in-chief Keith Alexander, Tony Blair (for it is he) or Gordon Brown?”.

Well, The Office Of David Cameron Limited. Company number 10421190 reports “Incorporation Statement of capital on 2016-10-11 GBP 100

Balance sheet at 30 April 2018 Fixed Assets. Tangible assets £6,350 and Other Financial Assets £119,395. Current Assets Debtors £239,395. Cash in bank and in hand £627,227 = £866,622. Creditors amounts falling due within one year (£209,580) Net assets less liabilities £782,787 Total Equity £781,580.

Balance sheet at 30 April 2019 Fixed and Tangible assets £297,856. Debtors plus cash in bank and at hand £758,394. Total Equity £873,821. The Company was exempt from audit under S477 of the Companies Act 2006.

Oh, don’t forget his fat PM pension we are paying for…pocket money?

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