Burscough Flood Records Report

Executive Summary

On the 8th June 2016 Burscough Parish Council agreed that a residents’ group should be set up to collect flooding evidence and produce a report for a future Parish Council meeting. In response Burscough Flooding Group formed on the 12th July 2016 and subsequently collected evidence from witnesses and victims, contacted through leafleting, advertising and by knocking on doors.

It has met with, and made freedom of information legislation requests from, Lancashire County Council, West Lancashire Borough Council, the Environment Agency and United Utilities. Evidence collected has revealed that large amounts of flooding occurred in 2012, 2015 and 2016 with a peak of 73 internal and over 100 external floods occurring in Burscough in 2015. Information provided by residents about the long-term history of flooding showed that a significant number of areas were suffering long term repeat flooding.

The Group has found that the causes of flooding were predominantly water discharging from United Utilities surface water and foul sewers in the urban areas; and inadequate capacity of ordinary watercourses, fed with urban surface water run-off, in the downstream rural areas. In the course of the investigations the Group found that United Utilities surface water sewer network drains the un-attenuated surface water flows from several large housing estates into watercourses and believe that this is the primary cause of flooding in Higgins Lane, Crabtree Lane, Orrell Lane and the Truscott Estate.

In addition, the Group has found that groundwater flooding occurs around Martin Mere and Yew Tree Farm and that the infiltration of groundwater into watercourses and sewers is highly likely to have been a negative factor in the severity of flooding when it occurs.

Maps and photographic evidence of the nature and extent of the flooding in Burscough follow with the flood records at the back of the document containing a comprehensive recent record of the locations, frequency and causes of flooding in Burscough. The report can be seen in full, on request 

Copies are available on the Parish Council website, http://www.burscoughpc.co.uk, or to view at the Parish Council Office. We include the Burscough Flooding Group email address BFG@FullStopLtd.co.uk  and if the public email a request for a copy of the Flood Records Report for Burscough, they will be emailed a pdf copy of the report, just include full name and Town please on the email.

The “Complete Burscough Flood Records Report for BPC Rev 16 28012020.pdf” is an amazing document, both as narrated and its technical content, that will rival any and all official works and is a credit to those involved in it.

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