The Spectator Parliamentarians Of The Year Awards

annual Parliamentarian of the Year awards took place at the Rosewood Hotel in London.

The awards were presented by the guest of honour, former defence secretary Penny Mordaunt. Here are the winners:

Parliamentarian of the year – Boris Johnson
Comeback of the year – Priti Patel
Minister to watch – Michael Gove
Backbencher of the year – Ian Austin
Speech of the year – Rosie Duffield
Insurgent of the year – John Bercow
Disruptor of the decade – Nigel Farage (As he accepted it, he told Westminster’s great and good that “unless this Government drops the ball, and I don’t think it will, you will never, ever see me again”).
Minister of the year – Julian Smith
Defector of the year – Luciana Berger & Anna Soubry
Peer of the year – Baroness Hale
Newcomer of the year – Ian Levy

Meanwhile, that sour old goat Michael Heseltine said “I think it is unwise of the government to rub our noses in it by celebrating our defeat at this hour, whilst talking about unifying the country”.

He said the only comfort was that plans to chime Big Ben to mark the moment the UK leaves had been dropped. “At least we are spared the sound of Big Ben being chimed at our discomfort.” Adapting the quote from John Donne, the Tory peer added “Send not to inquire for whom the bells tolls. It tolls for thee”. Arrogance personified?

Heseltine was among the Tory wreckers in the House of Lords repeatedly voting against Brexit, and reportedly pocketing £90,000 a year in EU agricultural land subsidies. The former deputy prime minister, one of Britain’s wealthiest men, is one of many unelected peers defying the referendum result while receiving these substantial payouts.

He’s one of many lords for whom a delivery of a P45 is urgently needed!

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