What Now For The Ormskirk Market?

It’s recorded that Ormskirk Market

is one of the country’s oldest and most traditional street markets, dating back to 1286 when the monks at nearby Burscough Priory,

founded back in 1190 by Robert Fitz-Henry, were granted a Royal Charter by Edward 1 to hold a weekly outdoor market. It is still a focal point for locals and visitors alike.

By now everybody in Ormskirk and West Lancashire generally will have heard of Graham Gilbert [pic and story courtesy of Roger Blaxall QLocal]

“who donned Victorian clothing on Saturday in his bid to save Ormskirk Market’s traditional stalls. He’s thanked the 421 shoppers on Ormskirk market on Saturday who signed his petition to ‘Keep Ormskirk’s traditional market stalls.

“His Victorian gentleman idea worked a treat, it was to remind people that these stalls are our heritage and have served generations of stallholders and market goers. He particularly thanked the girls in mobile café at the Clock Tower and in Love to Eat who kept him going with hot drinks and bacon sandwiches during his six hours stint.

“Graham, a carer and French property businessman, said “I’m stretched beyond belief but I’ve got to know I’ve done my absolute maximum to stop the council from making a monumental mistake. This is about raising awareness, most visitors to the market had no idea this was about to happen and they were appalled, as the petition numbers show. If this is what one man can do in one day what would it be like if I had some helpers?”

“What indeed. He wants more help from anybody who is interested in helping in any way, from individuals to help collect signatures to businesses who can help with photo copying or offering dry premises for people to sign on a rainy day.

“Please join me in Love to Eat café on Sunday 26th January and 2nd February at 2pm. Before starting this campaign I did a scrupulously impartial survey of all the stall holders (without prompting them either way) and exactly 70% of them said these changes will lead to the slow death of Ormskirk market”.

“This, he claims, gives the lie to the official line from the council that ‘the proposals are being introduced with the support of existing market traders’! This is a cost cutting measure too far, these stalls are Ormskirk’s Crown Jewels and just seven Labour councillors are pushing this through against the will of the people and the stall holders”.

“And he says “Not one has had the courtesy to reply to my extremely civil email on the subject addressed to each of them on 29th October, two are from Ormskirk and up for re-election soon”.

Four months of WLBC inactivity, lack of interest, or just plain couldn’t care less about the ancient and historic market?

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