Pensioners Will Pay The BBC Money To Burn

Under the terms of the the BBC Charter 

the broadcaster is required to publish the names and salaries of all senior executives paid more than £150,000 from licence fee revenue. £450,000-£454,999 is the annual salary “earned” by the BBC Director-General, Lord Tony Hall. Mr K MacQuarrie receives £325,000 and Ms F Unsworth receives £340,000. 

While the BBC wants to hit 3.7million pensioners for licence fees, under their new rules only low-income households where one person receives the pension credit benefit will still be eligible for a free licence. a presenter has disclosed she “won” £400,000 in her pay equal row.

Sarah Montague

“won” the £400,000 payout in her “stressful” fight against BBC gender discrimination. The journalist, a former host of Radio 4’s Today, who now presents The World at One said she also received “an apology from the BBC for paying me unequally for so many years”. The settlement is the latest in the BBC’s dispute with female members of staff with as many as 120 bringing forward equal pay cases.

In a statement on Twitter, the presenter said that she felt she had ‘no option’ but to talk about her pay after reports surfaced about the size of the payment she received from the BBC. “When I discovered the disparity in my pay and conditions, I was advised that rectifying it all could run into the millions” she said. “I chose not to seek such sums from the BBC but I did want some recognition that they had underpaid me. Last year after a long period of stressful negotiations, I accepted a settlement of £400,000 subject to tax and an apology from the BBC for paying me unequally for so many years”.

Ms Montague, who now presents Radio 4’s The World at One, received the payment following the BBC’s internal investigation into unequal pay. She was reportedly ‘incandescent with rage’ after discovering that she was paid almost five times less than John Humphrys, her Today co-host for 18 years.

The presenter lodged a complaint when it emerged that she “only took home £133,000” compared to Mr Humphrys, who earned between £600,000 and £649,000. According to recent BBC figures, Ms Montague now “earns” more than £240,000 in her new role. Are “earn and “paid” the same thing?

The broadcaster said that BBC Two, BBC Four, the BBC News Channel, the BBC Scotland channel, Radio 5 live, and a number of local radio stations would all have been at risk unless pensioners paid the licence fee. So what? If these services are uneconomical why force pensioners to subsidize them? Why not close them down?

Doesn’t it occur to the bloated BBC to drop what is paid to men to what was being paid to women? Isn’t that equality? Wouldn’t ordering restraint on salaries for all senior staff be demonstrative of equality within the whole of the BBC economy? 

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