Ormskirk Station Shared Use Footpath & Cycleway

The footpath between Ormskirk bus and rail stations to be upgraded for cyclists.

WLBC states “We are pleased to announce that work will begin on Monday 20 January to upgrade the existing footpath between Ormskirk bus and rail stations to create a new shared use footpath and cycleway.

“This scheme has been proposed for a number of years and forms an essential part of the Council’s aspirations to encourage walking, cycling and greater use of public transport.

“The plans involve widening the existing path, providing new improved lighting, a new handrail and providing an entirely new surface from a sustainable, recycled material. The delivery of this scheme is being funded by developer contributions from developments at Edge Hill University, as well as some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding.

“The Council has been working on this path upgrade with support from Network Rail, Merseytravel, Merseyrail and Lancashire County Council and works are expected to last until the beginning of April. Whilst works are taking place the footpath will be closed to the public for safety. Alternative routes between the bus and rail stations will be available via Railway Road or Stanley Street.

“The scheme is the first stage of wider proposals to deliver a cycling route between Ormskirk train station and Edge Hill University with Lancashire County Council, to encourage students to travel to the University by public transport, cycling and walking and so help to reduce traffic associated with the University. The upgrade will also improve access to the town centre from the train station helping to support town centre businesses”.

Councillor Ian Moran, Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council and portfolio holder for Economic Regeneration, said “I am pleased we are now in a position to deliver these exciting improvements which form part of wider proposals to improve walking and cycling provision in Ormskirk”.

It would be remiss of us not to disclose the part Ormskirk resident Barrie French played in all this activity. In exchanges with a WLBC Officer he wrote “Good news on the start date, can you provide me with your health and safety policy? My main concern is how you are going to direct the public to and from the old pathway while the work is in progress, are you going to direct the public up St. Helens road or Station Road and will the signs be before going into bus station and sign posted to which road to use when they get to Derby Street bridge where there is no zebra crossing ether end and the footpaths ether side of the bridge are just wide enough for one? Can I suggest that a temporary crossing is formed, or a lollipop type person is employed to help people cross the busiest road in Ormskirk. Also have you informed Edgehill University of this work and posters sent prior to work starting?”

Further exchanges led to this response to Mr French from the WLBC Officer “I agree that given how narrow the Derby Street bridge is it would unsuitable to direct pedestrians onto it. As such we are proposing a diversion on Derby Street, Stanley Street and Moor Street to link back to the bus station. This route involves using entirely adopted highway, and is considered the primary access between the bus and rail stations. A lot of Edge Hill students already use this option as a safe alternative to the pathway we will be closing.

You will note from the plan below,

we are proposing that people cross on Derby Street after the Stanley Street junction where cars tend to be going slower and there is more visibility (this also avoids crossing the busier A570) and then utilising the formal crossing at the top of Stanley Street before going to Moor Street”.

Well done Barrie French!

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