The Conversion Of Lime Tree Barn To Aughton Meadows

There was a time when you could buy Lime Tree Barn in Winifred Lane, Aughton,

for £1,650,000. But now it’s had a change of use. It’s a family run pet crematorium. “Steeped in compassionate care, we aim to meet the funerary needs of pet owners in Merseyside, West Lancashire and beyond. Offering individual cremation only, specialising in small animal care. We are here for you. ~The Fitzgerald Family x”.

It’s been renamed Aughton Meadows. It is a magnificent equestrian estate, spanning in all about 17 acres stated the original estate agent blurb, a horse lovers’ paradise, resting in a verdant backdrop.

But all is not well as the question of crematorium air pollution is still an issue now on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. A decision is expected shortly. And in respect of the colour of the crematorium chimney the WLBC environmental officer was concerned to say in the course of the Council’s deliberations prior to the hearing that no chimney should be erected without the Council first checking on its colour, which is to be a certain shade of grey!

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