Ormskirk Receiving A New Mobile Library

Literature lovers of all ages are being asked to help name Lancashire County Council’s new mobile libraries.

The county council’s six-strong mobile library fleet is being totally replaced, with the first three vehicles expected to go into action in late February 2020.

Now the library service is asking people to vote for their favourite names from a specially compiled shortlist. Amongst those in the running are The Borrowers, Chitty Chitty Book Book, Great Transportations and Hardbacks of Notre Van.

People are being asked to choose from a shortlist of 11, with the top three names set to adorn the first three vehicles. Everyone has until 5pm on Friday 17 January to get involved, with the winning names due to be announced the following week. The list of names is available at http://www.lancashire.gov.uk/libraries, then follow the link to vote.

County Councillor Peter Buckley

Lancashire County Council’s cabinet member for community and cultural services, said “We’re hoping that people will join in and help us name our new mobile libraries. We’ve invested over £800k in these new vehicles which clearly demonstrates our commitment to this service. We know how much the mobile library service is valued by our customers, and in the last year alone nearly 113,000 books have been borrowed from our mobile libraries. They provide an important facility to some of the most rural parts of Lancashire, giving people the chance to borrow, renew or order books.”

There are six operational mobile libraries which are based at Heysham, Garstang, Brierfield, Whalley, Clayton Green, and Ormskirk. Between them they make a total of 778 stops in communities across the county. The vehicles based at Garstang, Clayton Green and Ormskirk will be the first vehicles being replaced. The mobile libraries carry a wide range of books to suit all tastes. The titles are changed regularly, with new ones being added frequently. Books can also be ordered, just the same as in a static library. A variety of audio books and CD’s are also available.

They are fully accessible for people with mobility problems and disabilities. Each vehicle is fitted with low rise stairs and a passenger lift for easy access so that customers can board to select their own books. An induction loop system is also available for people with hearing impairments. The total cost of one mobile library vehicle is £144, 094.20 LCC mobile libraries visit a total of 778 stopping points in communities across the county. The total number of people who use the mobile library service is 3,250. The total number of books borrowed from mobile libraries over the past year is 112,445.

New customers are always welcome and you can join simply by going to the vehicle to be signed up.

2 thoughts on “Ormskirk Receiving A New Mobile Library

  1. Adrian Owens

    I haven’t checked the figures myself but using the figures quoted:
    6 x £144,000 = £864,000 benefiting 3250 Lancashire residents i.e. it costs £265 per resident using the service.

    I fully support the needs of older and disabled people in rural areas, but the county council are also currently proposing to reduce funding for Dial a Ride type services. Perhaps, financing that service to bring older and disabled people from rural areas into larger town and village centres where they can access not just libraries but a whole range of services might be a wise choice?

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Put like that, the bare bones of the cost per capita, it seems to be one or the other. But it shouldn’t be so. Modern society doesn’t believe in looking after the needs of elderly and disabled people. There, but for the grace of God, go I. This borough council invented social isolation back in the days when rural bus services were cut, and the annual £28 of travel tokens that many older/disabled people used for Dial A Ride trips was stopped by the Tory council. It was shameful, but that was the situation. 4,000 people used tokens that cost a mere £112,000 then by comparison with now £864,000 for the new mobile Now, it’s a matter of how hard someone will fight for a return of the travel tokens?


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