About The Disdainful BBC

We Inform, Educate, and Entertain! We Now Intend To Screw The Aged And Infirm For Their Cash!

You should know that the BBC “Considers any requests to use our assets providing they are consistent with BBC’s reputation and values”, even though the BBC’s reputation and values stink!

The BBC exists in a world of “funny money”, by comparison with the general public, of whom there are many elderly, often housebound and poor, who are reliant on the “free”, ie unpaid/uncharged for, TV licence for their connections to life on the outside.

From its annual report “Our mission has remained the same for almost 100 years. We act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain. We deliver our public purposes,…creating cutting-edge content…broadcasting across multiple channels…working with talent from across the creative industries…ensuring value for money for our audiences…and delivering on our mission.

Gary Lineker – £1,750,000-£1,754,999; Chris Evans – £1,250,000-£1,254,999; Huw Edwards – £490,000-£494,999; Steve Wright – £465,000-£469,999; Alan Shearer – £440,000-£444,999; Andrew Marr – £390,000-£394,999; Zoe Ball – £370,000-£374,999; Jeremy Vine – £290,000-£294,999 but additions to£440,000-£449,999; Laura Kuenssberg – £250,000-£254,999. All delivering on our mission!

Lord Hall

earns circa £400,000 a year as director-general of the public broadcasting service,

“We provide impartial news and information to help people to understand and engage with the world around them. We support learning for people of all ages. We show the most creative, highest quality and distinctive output and services. Our people are talented, diverse, dedicated and passionate. They make us what we are. The BBC is a major investor in the UK creative industries, contributing hundreds of millions of pounds to the wider sector.

“Investing as much money as possible in delivering great content and services. 95% of the BBC’s controllable spend this year was focused on content and delivery, just 5% was spent on running the organisation. Dividends from commercial subsidiaries A total of £73 million was declared to the BBC Group from BBC Studios, BBC Studio works, and BBC Global News.

“This year saw an astonishing 3.6 billion programme requests on iPlayer, the arrival of a dedicated channel for Scotland, the launch of BBC Sounds and the announcement of a major new streaming service. We continue to bring audiences, across the UK and around the globe, award-winning content on television, on radio and online. And we still need to screw the elderly and infirm for their TV licence cash!

“The biggest issue the Board had to consider in the past year concerned the future of free TV licences for the over-75s. In February, we concluded a broad, three month public consultation on this subject. Based on the responses we received from the public and from stakeholders, and with reference to the three criteria we identified at the start of the process, fairness, financial impact, and feasibility, the Board recently reached a decision. From June 2020, any household with somebody over 75 who is in receipt of pension credit will receive a free TV licence.

“We think it is a fair decision. Fair to those over 75, since we target those most in need, and fair to all our audiences, since there was no appetite for the substantial cuts to BBC services that would have been necessary if the concession had been extended to all those over 75. This has been an immensely difficult decision, and the Board has spent a considerable amount of time analysing the options. I believe this outcome represents the fairest possible in the circumstances”.

Companies House tells the business story of BBC Commercial Holdings Ltd.  https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04463534 but it doesn’t tell the story of the overpaid BBC presenters/autocue readers mentioned above on outrageous salaries who are either oblivious or disdainful of the parlous existence of those the BBC intends to pursue for its pound of flesh!


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