Sunday Satire

Tony Blair was bidding for contracts with the European Union for his “Institute for Global Change” as he publicly campaigned to overturn Brexit,

the Telegraph has disclosed. It will no doubt be obvious to all that many contracts with the EU are funded in large part by the UK?

Documents obtained by the newspaper show that the former prime -minister held talks with officials about striking a funding agreement between the European Commission and the “not-for-profit” Tony Blair Institute for Global Change which “Aims to help make globalisation work for the many, not the few. We do this by helping countries, their people and their governments address some of the most difficult challenges in the world today”.

The officials included Ana Gallo-Alvarez, who was previously seconded to Blair’s Middle East envoy office as deputy head of mission. She chaired a meeting between Blair’s staff and Commission officials last year after Blair held talks with her then boss, Neven Mimica, an EU commissioner. [Wheels within wheels!]

I recently read about Blair’s “legacy” of “A middle east in crisis; Immigration levels that seem to piss a lot of people off; A Tory carbon copy Leader who turned out to be a lightweight, short termist crisis manager; A divided Britain, the world’s oldest political union under threat; A rise in nasty type nationalism; An unelectable Labour leader who’s election was a reaction to Blair; A withdrawal from his precious EU superstate because he and his successor failed to take the people with him”. He’s deluded with a belief in his own self-importance.

Meanwhile, Labour risks becoming a “third party” in the Commons if it fails to drop Jeremy Corbyn’s brand of politics before the next election, two former ministers have warned.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester and former health secretary, said Labour was on course to become a “shrunken political party” or “a red version of the Liberal Democrats” unless it returned to “credible” policies that appeal to working class voters.

And Frank Field

the former welfare minister, separately claimed that if Mr Corbyn is succeeded by another hard-left leader “Labour’s representation in Parliament will collapse”. Both centrist former Labour ministers were speaking in interviews on LBC.

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