No Gongs For West Lancashire?

It’s being reported that West Lancashire

is gong-less, despite the New Years honours profligacy of 15 awards in Lancashire including a Sir Preston MP, a Prison Director (CBE), an executive principal of Hambleton Primary School and deputy chief executive officer of Fylde Coast Academy Trust (OBE), and Nine MBEs and Two BEMs in recognition for work in the community.

It seems that nobody in West Lancashire did any valuable or recognisable work in the community, not a single lollipop person, school teacher or cleaner, hospital nurse, doctor, technician, cleaner. No carers, no volunteers. They are not worthy!

Meanwhile, your average highly paid “celebrities” or “legends” were queuing up to be “recognized” for playing cricket, acting, singing, and arse-licking. Need it be said that politicians were amply rewarded for party “loyalty”!

Makes you proud to be normal?

But at least Oakland Golf & Leisure Ltd wasn’t awarded a gong for golf course design, and Serco Leisure Operating Ltd didn’t receive one for golf course landfill operations!

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