Sad News Disclosed by QLocal About UBH Holdings, Burscough

Roger Blaxall of QLocal

reported “Universal Bulk Handling is now in the hands of the receivers as a new buyer is sought for the ailing firm where 100 staff are now out of work. Albie McGuigan from the GMB Union confirmed yesterday afternoon that the Orrell Lane firm – sold on in a management buyout 20 years ago – went into administration on Tuesday.

The company, identified by its office logo as UBH International

is owned by its employees, all of whom are shareholders, which “underpins a unique level of commitment to ensuring the products and services we supply meet the highest levels of quality and customer expectation As a manufacturer of bespoke products for an immense range of specialist applications, UBH International consults closely with its customers to produce solutions carefully tailored to meet their needs”. The picture below shows the employee/shareholders.

“The history of the company goes back more than half a century to the late forties when, as ‘United Boilers’, or ‘UB’ for short, the company’s skills in pressure vessel manufacture were initially developed. In 1958 the company moved to its present site, becoming ‘Universal Bulk Handling’, the name change marking a conscious shift of emphasis to focus on equipment for bulk liquid transport. Originally a manufacturer of specialist road tankers, the company began to diversify from the early 1970’s onwards, using the skills of its engineers and workforce to develop a range of intermodal tank containers or ISO-tanks.

“UBH International today employs around 100 people, many of them shareholders in the company, and continues to enjoy a world-wide reputation as a manufacturer of tanks for the transportation of hazardous liquids and liquefied gases. Renowned for the high quality of its specialist equipment, the company continues to build upon its success by the combination of innovative design, close attention to its customers’ needs and the skill and professionalism of its shareholder workforce”.

In November the company took part in ADIPEC 2019 (Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference) to attempt to increase Middle East expansion. Stewart Wiltshire, UBH International Managing Director and Graham Donnelly, UBH International Business Development Manager attended. Latest company accounts show there to be 81 shareholdings. The last company notification to Companies House was in June 2019.

There was activity to purchase own shares in May 2019 and cancellation of shares in June 2019. There are two debentures outstanding.

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