Pound Bakery Ormskirk?

Pound Bakery has been bought out of administration by Sayers and Poundbakery Ltd. 11 stores across England will close but 1,400 employees will retain their jobs. The future of Ormskirk branch is in doubt.

“Established in 1912, Sayers was formed out of the desire to provide only the finest and freshest baked products combined with a consistent and high quality service. Today, that desire is still at the forefront of the company’s philosophy and Sayers the Better Bakers is continuing to set new standards in what is a fiercely competitive industry.

“Fred and Lylian Sayer started selling the North West’s finest baked products way back in 1912 and we today pride ourselves on continuing to deliver the same high standards of quality and service. That first shop in a basement kitchen still forms part of the of the Sayers chain and is now only one of the 158 places throughout the region where you can buy Sayers sandwiches, pies, savouries and cakes. Production moved from Fred and Lylian’s first base in Prescot Road, Old Swan, to their second shop, in County Road, Walton in 1922.

“Such was the appetite for the Sayers range that it was only a few more years before the business again expanded in 1925, when a larger bakery in Aintree Road, Bootle, was opened. Six years later and the continued expansion of the company you know today as the Better Bakers meant another move, this time to a purpose-built baker in Lorenzo Drive, Norris Green.

“Sayers remained a family run business until 1977 when it was sold to United Biscuits, all the time retaining those same values. Another North West institution, Warburtons, bought Sayers in 1990, adding the company to the mix of family bakers it started buying after the Second World War, among them Sayers’ sister bakery chain Hampsons”.

John Sayer, a member of the original company creators, lives in Aughton.

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