Will Rosie Be Whipped On Friday?

The Times

reports that the diminished ranks of Labour MPs will nonetheless be whipped on Friday afternoon to vote against the Withdrawal Bill. And that call comes as the architect of Labour’s spectacularly unpopular Brexit policy, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, gives an interview to The Guardian making his pitch for the leadership of his party. He does at least finally concede “We will leave in January” and that the argument for a referendum has been “swept away” by the election result.

We wonder if our own Rosie Cooper MP

will agree to be whipped on Friday. Speaking after her successful re-election, Rosie has said “I would like to thank the constituents of West Lancashire for again putting their faith in me to be their voice in Westminster and to continue working hard to represent their views and concerns and working to address their needs.

“I would also like to thank my campaign team and the scores of volunteers who worked tirelessly during this election to ensure this seat remained Labour. I will now continue to do what I promised I would when I was first elected in 2005 to be West Lancashire’s voice in Westminster and not Westminster’s voice in West Lancashire.

“My immediate priorities will be to hold this Conservative government to account, including their word that they would provide the funding for Skelmersdale railway station. I will continue the fight against fracking, against Universal Credit, against underfunding and under resourcing of the NHS, social care, councils, the Police, and the removal of the free over 75s TV licence. [And fighting against flooding!]

“We showed during this election campaign that despite many voters’ concerns with many issues including Brexit and Leadership, we had listened hard to our voters and concentrated on many of the local issues of concern to West Lancashire residents.

“While it is pleasing to know that our hard work was successful, it is of course tempered by the disappointment of losing so many seats, particularly in our Labour heartlands, and the loss of some hard working friends and colleagues. Now that the election is over, I can get back to fully representing my West Lancashire constituents”.

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