No-One Will Have To Sell Their House To Pay For Social Care Under Tories, Says Boris Johnson

20th November 2019 as reported

“Boris Johnson has pledged that no-one will have to sell their house to pay for social care under a Conservative government, as he announced a £5 billion cash injection to ease the current funding crisis.

The Prime Minister will “end the injustice” of people having to sell their family home by seeking a cross-party agreement on how to pay for the soaring costs of caring for the elderly and disabled.

He said politicians must agree a solution that “stands the test of time”, in the same way that the principles of the NHS were agreed 70 years ago. It came as Mr Johnson unveiled an £11 billion personal tax giveaway that will put £464 back in the pocket of all but the very highest earners.

13 December 2019 Mr Johnson says “I say thank you for the trust you have placed in us, and in me. We will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on your priorities with a parliament that works for you”.

18 December 2019 Mr Johnson “We are going to level up and unite our country. We are going to get Brexit done and deliver the change that people voted for. And we are going to protect and invest in our amazing NHS”.

From AgeUK

“I want to ask for your help with something I hope can really make a difference. I want to see a care system that’s free and available to every one of us when we need it. That’s why I’ve just signed Age UK’s letter asking our new Government to make care fair. Would you consider doing the same?

“At the moment, our broken care system condemns 1.5 million older people to struggle on alone. It robs them of their dignity, leaves families without support, and costs people their life savings. But if we all speak up, we can put pressure on the Government to make things better. It’s very easy to do, just click below to sign the letter.

“Thank you so much”.

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