Flood Warning, Burscough On Alert

Today we read that there are 100 areas on flood alert, that “Western England will bear the brunt of gales throughout tomorrow night and into Thursday, with 55mph gusts possible in inland areas and exposed coastal parts seeing 70mph”.

Which is particularly worrying for flood prone Burscough and the surrounding area.

Back in February we wrote about “Rosie Cooper MP Comments On The Ormskirk Area Jacobs Flood Report https://westlancashirerecord.com/2019/02/08/rosie-cooper-mp-comments-on-the-ormskirk-area-jacobs-flood-report/
“All the county can tell us now is that the recommendations are too expensive to carry out…This was taxpayers’ money used to fund a very high level and detailed report and the immediate reaction suggests it was all a waste of time and money…”

It contained huge amounts of bullshit from jobsworths with high level qualifications in bullshitting the flooded council tax payers. Because that’s what they do. LCC’s framework engineering consultant, Jacobs UK Ltd, was engaged from June to September 2015 to inform the Section 19 report, drawing on data made available by the RMAs in Lancashire and from Met Office records.

So where are we today? With six different agencies with varying responsibilities for flood defence and relief and stuffed with bullshitters!

It’s all just about as stagnant as the water that rushes into homes in Burscough and other parts of West Lancashire because of the ineptitude of the bullshitting jobsworths. It’s worth recalling that “Having read all of that, the letter to Rosie Cooper in May 2018 from Mr Durnell, Head of Highways LCC states “Should Mr Rattray and the other members of the Burscough Flood Group like to work in a constructive and proactive way with Lancashire County Council and other organisations I strongly recommend they consider establishing a Flood Action Group for the community”. You couldn’t make it up!

Because as Mr Rattray pointed out “We are also a member of the national flood forum having joined it shortly after we were constituted in 2016; and finally LCC met BFG shortly after we were constituted (no doubt as part of its duty to meet flood action groups)”.

As you will know Ormskirk’s publicly funded Jacob’s report into their flooding problems took years to publish because the Flood Risk Management Authorities couldn’t agree the conclusions. Ultimately when it was published none of the FRMAs were required to spend any significant amount of money resolving the problems. Instead it recommended more flood doors were installed on properties.

Mr Rattray

has written “Dear LCC Thank you for the information.

“I’m hoping that those cc’d on this email are members of the Flooding Task and Finish Group and hope that one of them would be kind enough to intervene in a serious problem we currently have, which is:

“Only the FRMAs are currently being allowed to see and make changes to the Jacobs report on Flooding in Burscough. It was agreed that BFG would receive a copy of the report at the same time as the FRMAs but we have not received the report. I asked the Principal Flood Risk Officer in LCC for a copy on the 6th and 9th December but my requests have been ignored.

“The Task and Finish Group might not be aware that BFG’s study into Burscough’s flooding problems was the largest source of flooding information provided to Jacobs and one of its conclusions was that the FRMAs had been grossly under-reporting flooding in most years.

“Therefore, we believe it is a foolish risk to allow the FRMAs to see and make any changes at all to the Jacobs report (which after all is a publicly funded document investigating flooding), in secret, without public oversight.

“Anything less than a totally transparent process will be bound to raise concerns amongst members of the public and BFG.


“Gavin Rattray – Secretary Burscough Flooding Group”.

Pictured below Ofwat Chief Executive Cathryn Ross addressing the November 2017 meeting with Rosie Cooper MP and audience.

“Where’s the flood report?” – asks Rosie- “This is a report costing over £100,000 of taxpayers’ money and unless it leads to action it is just money down the drain. The response from Lancashire County Council was not good enough on the night so I have subsequently written the Chief Executive to have this report published and actioned”.

We repeat, on 4th February, 2019 MP Rosie Cooper said “It has taken far too long for this [Ormskirk] Jacobs flood report to come forward from Lancashire County Council, it’s been a year and a half since I was offered a copy of it at the Flood Forum meeting I held in Christ Church.

“All the county can tell us now is that the recommendations are too expensive to carry out, but very little about what they have been doing for the past two years to make any progress. This was taxpayers’ money used to fund a very high level and detailed report and the immediate reaction suggests it was all a waste of time and money.

“I have written to Lancashire County Council and to DEFRA to ask what they plan to do now to protect my constituents from the threat of further flooding, many constituents who have already had their lives devastated through flooding in 2012 or 2015”.

On flooding, LCC is collectively comprised of useless, legalised bullshitters, and some residents of Burscough in particular will suffer their homes being ruined because of LCC. Whatever it is LCC has to hide from Burscough Flooding Group seeking transparency should be exposed.

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