Your Daily Brexit Betrayal News

Finally! The Polling stations are open.

From Independence Daily, Your Independent Platform For Brexit Grassroots.

“We, the peasants, the plebs, the sheep, the actual Sovereign of this country, can now go and have our say. Let me repeat what we’ve said during this last campaign week: we must go and vote. Staying at home is not an option. No matter whom you vote for or if you’re going to vote NONE – your ballot must go into the ballot box.

“The MSM have finally woken up to the danger that a Labour victory means for our country, themselves included, see e.g. here. A bit late, one would’ve thought! Will their visceral hatred for Leave, for Nigel Farage, for TBP and indeed for Johnson, bear the socialist fruit they don’t really want? It’ll be too late for us voters to tell them ‘you broke it’ when we find socialists in Nos 10 and 11.

“Their wails about the dangers of a hung parliament (a pity, many say, that it’s not going to be a hanged parliament) are still to be found in today’s morning editions, “Boris Johnson has warned that every vote for the Brexit Party today will increase the likelihood of Labour gaining power after a new analysis revealed that Nigel Farage

could stop the Tories taking 16 seats. […] The move came as an analysis by YouGov identified 16 Labour marginals where the Tories could fail to make a breakthrough because Mr Farage’s party was splitting the Leave vote. There are also concerns that poor weather could lead to a low turnout. Forecasters have said that conditions for Britain’s first December election in almost a century will be wet and chilly”.

“Isn’t it great to have a scapegoat handy! I’m tempted to tell Johnson that pointing the finger at someone means three fingers are pointing back at yourself, but we know, don’t we, that this never applies to our establishment figures. As for the weather … if people can brave it to do their Christmas shopping, they can brave it to go and vote, right?

“Meanwhile RemainCentral is making a final push by dedicating a whole article to the campaign of a Tory defector who crossed over to the Yellow Swinson party. It’s quite an extraordinary puff piece for that defector, a certain‘practising GP’ Mr Phillip Lee. Interestingly, it also shows that The Times had their feelings hurt because Sir John Redwood

apparently didn’t want a RemainCentral reporter following him when canvassing. He is facing a stiff challenge from a buoyant Liberal Democrat who until three months ago was a Conservative MP for the neighbouring constituency of Bracknell. Phillip Lee, a practising GP, left the Conservatives on September 3 and crossed the floor of the House of Commons to sit with the Liberal Democrats over the Tories’ handling of Brexit, putting paid to Boris Johnson’s majority in the process.” (link, paywalled)

“Our NHS” must be in great shape if a ‘practising GP’ can canvass for weeks, never mind sitting as MP! Of course, RemainCentral cannot possibly take Sir John Redwood’s answer at face value. he writes “May you all vote wisely. It’s your decision. I have said all I wish to say about this election and now look forward to the results tomorrow morning”.

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2 thoughts on “Your Daily Brexit Betrayal News

  1. stodgey

    Dr Phillip Lee (he’s a Doctor you know) was IMHO, one of the very worst MPs from the last Parliament’s intake. And that’s really saying something. Every time he’s on the box he gives his trademark little sigh and eye roll, as if he’s just about holding it together while he’s talking to some unworthy underling. And then, he’ll tell us he’s a Doctor, as if that mere fact is enough to trump any disagreement. He also has absolutely no honour, in 2017 he stood on a manifesto to respect the referendum result, under the banner ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. And once elected, spent all his time trying to kibosh the result before flouncing off to the illiberal undemocrats…. BTW, did I tell you he was a Doctor?

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Can’t argue with that. A new, respected Parliament should change electoral law that MPs cannot change party without an immediate bye-election. That would have changed the last appalling Commons parliament into a democratic chamber.


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