How Much Is Your Vote Today Really Worth?

If you live in the Leaver Isle of Wight your vote is worth less than a fifth of a vote in the Remainer Western Isles.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org reveals the shocking disparity in electorate size in each UK seat. On election day we bring you some facts about about the value of each vote across the United Kingdom. The results may shock many readers.

“At the time of writing the polls have opened, so no-one knows the result of the 2019 General Election. Predictions range from another hung Parliament, to a resounding victory and outright majority for the Conservatives.

“If the result is close, it will have huge ramifications for the future direction of the country. There have been discussions about postal voting fraud, tactical voting, so-called “fake news”, online advertising, and many other things.

“One issue which possibly has more influence on the outcome than the other issues has not even been discussed. Below, Brexit Facts4EU.Org sheds some light on this. There are 650 constituencies in the United Kingdom – how equal are they in size?

“Most people assume that the 650 constituencies making up the UK Parliament are roughly equal in size. In other words, each MP broadly represents a similar number of people and therefore votes are of approximately equal value. Our research shows that this is not the case.

How the size of each constituency radically determines the value of each vote

(All data comes from the last official figures from the Electoral Commission and ONS, for the 2017 election). The MP for the Western Isles of Scotland (now called Na h-Eileanan an Iar) represents only 21301 voters. They voted to Remain by 55.2%.

“The MP for the Isle of Wight represents a massive 111,683 voters. They voted to Leave by 62.0%. So, other things being equal, a vote on the Isle of Wight is worth less than one-fifth of a vote on the Western Isles.

The 10 most over-represented constituencies are all in Wales and Scotland

The 10 most under-represented constituencies are all in England


“The decision-making power for ensuring that constituency boundaries reflect a fair representation for every voter in the United Kingdom rests with Parliament itself. The independent Boundaries Commission is given the responsibility to analyse and make recommendations. It has already reported and made significant recommendations. This happened under David Cameron’s government. Parliament has yet to implement any of these.

“This is a complex matter to get right. It can be argued that smaller constituencies have a distinct identity and different needs to the rest of the country, for example. Nevertheless, when each and every MP has an equal vote on matters such as Brexit, why should the voters in the Western Isles (55% Remain) be able to exercise through their MP an influence which is more than five times that of voters in the Isle of Wight (62% Leave)?

In West Lancashire the last quoted electorate was 73,028. In 2017 the turnout was 54,103, 74.41%, of which the Labour majority 21.5%.

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