Two Horse Election Race?

Tomorrow is election day

In key seats, The Brexit Party is running neck-and-neck in a two-horse race with Corbyn’s Remainer Labour.

But probably not in West Lancashire? In these seats just a few votes could make all the difference. That is why we are asking for your help to get our message across between now and when the polls close at 10pm on Thursday.

The message of our advert to voters in key seats is clear. ‘Labour is the party of a second referendum and Remain. But the Conservatives won’t win here, and Boris can’t be trusted to deliver Brexit on his own. Only The Brexit Party can beat Corbyn’s Labour here. There will be no real Brexit without The Brexit Party in Parliament. Leavers, don’t waste your vote!’

What makes your support even more important is that devious groups such as ‘Led by Donkeys’, ‘Hope not Hate’ and ‘Make it Stop’ are crowdfunding against us. They are raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund anti-Brexit Party campaigns on social media.

The donations page for ‘Hope not Hate’ makes clear their priority in this election ‘We’re going to be taking on Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party, to make sure they don’t win any seats’. Their deliberate aim is to drown out our voice on social media platforms, to stop us from getting MPs elected. And their anti-Brexit Party ads are getting millions of views.

The claims that a second referendum would be democratic are false, as no one has explained convincingly how it can be either justified or fair. The ‘vox pops’ that the news programmes conduct with people in left-behind places of the UK show that many ordinary voters have a better understanding of democracy than some of our gilded politicians. Often these people say they voted Remain, yet now feel that a democratic decision has been taken and we should get on with Brexit.

So now comes the big question. Why do so many ‘top people’ and EU supporters want to subvert the biggest vote in British history? Anger, arrogance and intellectual snobbery seem to be the most visible reasons.

It’s about democracy, no more, no less! 17.4million democrats believe it!


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