No General Election Hustings In West Lancashire?

It’s strange that whereas here in West Lancashire we fairly recently had some public meetings for and by EU remainers, Lord Adonis springs to mind, there have been no GE2019 hustings. Perhaps the majority 55.3% of 2016 leavers wouldn’t bother anyway if they believe even now in democracy? They might think their time has come at last?

Questions for Rosie Cooper

might have included how she is the Labour candidate yet states she is a strong, independent voice, and would her independence include full support for those 55.3% voters for leave even now?

Knowing of her concern to protect jobs and wages she might also have been asked about the history of Labour in office?

As John Redwood

points out “Some younger voters may not have studied UK economic history. There has been a depressing pattern to it all. The 1964-70 Labour government borrowed and spent too much. It was forced into a devaluation and had to impose austerity policies to try to rally the currency.

“The 1974-9 Labour government overspent and overborrowed to such an extent that they ran out of money and had to go to the IMF for a loan. There was further devaluation. The IMF imposed tough austerity conditions on the loan which then governed Labour policy.

“The 1997-2010 Labour government lasted longer because for the first few years it followed inherited Conservative spending and tax plans which worked. Then it cranked up the spending and borrowing – particularly through the private finance initiative lumbering public services with large debts- and presided over the crash of 2008-9.

“The last two Labour governments both raised unemployment by around half a million people. Indeed every Labour government apart from the first short lived minority one has left office with unemployment up on where it started.

“A sensible amount of credit, and borrowing for worthwhile investment, can help an economy. Excessive state credit and excessive state spending with high taxes is always a ruinous combination. It makes people worse off, leads to job losses and recession, and leave the Treasury short of tax revenues to pay the bills. The huge spending and taxing plans of the current Labour party would bring on an early crisis”.

The 55.3% might still live in hope that the UK is still a thriving democracy and that the period since 2016 has been an aberration. As I read recently “Should Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland take a look at today’s UK politics he might well conclude that the word democracy means just whatever Remain politicians choose it to mean. The most depressing thing about our Brexit turmoil is that so many politicians, commentators and Europhiles claim their proposals are democratic while misrepresenting, perhaps wilfully, what that means”.

And “Fast forward to the Liberal Democrats, and their promise to simply ignore the 17.4 million who voted Leave and revoke Article 50 if elected to government. Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat Leader, assumed that Remainers would flock to that banner even though the chances of her party winning power were remote. There’s growing evidence that Lib Dem clarity has not gone down well with voters”

“For many Remainers, it seems that democracy is all very well but needs to be manipulated and guided by people who know best. They are, apparently, people who tend to be, on the whole, “better educated and more successful in their careers than a majority of those who voted Brexit”.

The very idea!

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