Jack Gilmore, Election Report, Must Try Harder?

Conservative Party election candidate Jack Gilmore came to the West Lancashire constituency with the hope of ousting admitted remainer Rosie Cooper.

Sadly he had a handicap. Mr Gilmore is “Promoted by David Westley”, it says on the tin! It happened in 2017, and now history has repeated itself. And someone may have told Boris Johnson NOT to visit West Lancashire, as Theresa May did in 2017. 

It’s all very well for family albums to be seen with the candidate and the promoter, but it’s like a kiss of death here in West Lancashire.

Mr Gilmore seems not to have taken the pulse of West Lancashire, which is unfortunate. There are genuine grievances, particularly held by elderly and disabled people. The local Tory Party stripped them, us, of the small but useful “travel tokens” annual amount that guaranteed some “free” off peak rail trips on Merseyrail. We had the English National Bus Pass, you see, and then many of us had no buses! As we claimed, the local Tory Party invented social exclusion. 

So what has Mr Gilmore been able to promise in GE 2019? Protecting our greenbelt, more police to protect our communities, investing in our roads and rail. They won’t win a Brexit election. Rosie Cooper knows that, so she is “Fighting for us to get a fairer deal, free personal care, guaranteed state pension triple lock, over 75s free TV licences, protecting winter fuel payments, bus passes for when buses may come along but not on a Sunday!

No party has a monopoly on our NHS. All these tales of woe go on whoever is in power. It’s management of the NHS that decides the service. I can relate personal life-saving operations from the Walton Centre, Liverpool Heart Hospital, and the Southport Coronary Care Unit. Dedicated front-line staff deliver that, managers too often mis-manage!

So Mr Gilmore has just one hope, Brexit and Boris Johnson. If those 55% of Referendum 2016 leavers are like-minded in GE2019 tomorrow, he has a chance, slim, but possible,despite his party promoter!


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