Short Shrift On Offer From Tory Candidate?

In response to requests for clarity about political issues, the Tory Parliamentary Candidate has replied as follows.

Dear Resident

I thank you for taking the time to email to request my support on an issue on which you obviously feel strongly.

I have so many such requests, covering a huge range of important issues, that it is simply impossible for me to find time to provide you with a meaningful reply. However, I do promise that if I am elected, I will research the issues you have raised and let you know if I can support your concerns.

Please be assured that I have retained your details, and if successful on 12th December, I promise to get back in touch with you before the end of January 2020. I will not retain your details beyond that date unless, during our future contact, you give me written permission to retain your contact details. In the meantime, your details will not be used for any purpose other than in connection with the matters you have raised.

Yours sincerely

It might have occurred to Mr Gilmore’s Tory support team that the public asking so many questions was indicative of real interest in his policies. He needs votes to close the gap on the incumbent. Appearing to be indifferent unless he is elected seems to be giving short shrift to electors. It can only be down to the West Lancashire Conservative Association? 


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