Lib Dems Would Let Remain Mr Corbyn In?

Polling analysis shows that Lib Dem, or LimpDumb as preferred by 17.4million democrats, leader Jo Swinson

is far better known since becoming party leader in July, but almost all of those to have formed a view of her have formed a negative one. The shift has been negative even with Remain voters! They simply do not like her! And why would they? She was “Your candidate for Prime Minister”! 

Mr John Redwood suggests”In what was shaping up to be a presidential campaign, she had hoped to force ITV to include her in the first debate with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. She failed!

“Swinson confirmed her preference to just cancel Brexit by a vote in Parliament, but conceded she did not think there would be enough MPs in the next Parliament who would do that. She no longer believes there will be a Lib Dem majority government by Friday.

“This is an interesting development. Every time we see her on tv in various constituencies around the country she is flanked by Lib Dem posters setting out their catch phrase “Winning here”. It’s an odd and self serving slogan. Normally parties and candidates have slogans about what they want to do for the voters!

“This Lib Dem slogan asserts that they uniquely know what voters are going to do in each place as if they have some special prescience the rest of us do not share about how people will vote. It now appears that in many of these places the Lib Dem leader thinks they are not winning after all. The slogan was apparently misleading or simply a lie. It would have been more modest and sensible if their posters said “Trying to win here” or “Keen to win here”. “Unlikely to win here” would be a bit of a turn off even where it was an honest assessment.

“What was more bizarre was what she said about their fall back position, the wish to hold a second referendum on the EU issue, which she won’t accept! She vacillated about supporting a Labour government offering one and appeared to want to move straight to a second General election.

“She would be under great pressure to accept a Labour minority government offering a second referendum. Her message of vote Lib Dem to get a hung Parliament, so we can then have a second General election to try for a different Parliament again is absurd. Why would anyone vote for a result which required another election immediately? It also looks like an attempt to cover up a likely deal with Labour were they to get their hung Parliament. No wonder her slogan is not “Vote for a hung Parliament so you can have a second General election”

She has consistently said there are no circumstances in which she would support a Conservative government seeking to implement the result of the referendum”.

The electorate might conclude she’s a waste of space?

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