It’s A Brexit Election, ‘The Government Will Do Whatever You Decide’!

The Government Will Do Whatever You Decide

Do you recall when Britain talked about its patriots? And then along came the Parliament of 2017. Now, the British people are continually facing an internal political provocation the like of which hasn’t been seen since the English Civil War. It is a threat to stability, democracy, and the very foundations of our nation. Astonishingly, it was seated in our 2017 Parliament, the very implement by which the people consented to be governed.

For the past three years the Remain dominated Parliament has acted autonomously. It is no longer an extension of the people’s will. The face of Parliament was hideous. It was an autonomous power house of individuals

acting way beyond their mandate in the manner of a tinpot Junta. There was no longer any people’s consent, and that meant that our democracy had failed and we were not bound together as a nation state. The people need to take back control before it’s too late. There are potentially only 4 days left before we are engulfed by a calamity far worse than anything caused by Brexit.

On the issue of national importance MPs referred the matter back to the people for a decision. Regardless of whether the referendum was advisory or not, leaders of all parties, MPs and the British Prime Minister said the question was a once in a generation matter and the result would be respected. Legislation was passed making it so. ‘The Government will do whatever you decide’ rang in the ears of those who dutifully entered the polling booth to make their mark. Not one person doubted that this promise would be honoured.

Now move forward 3 years. We had a parliament of Remain MPs who have colluded with the EU to prevent the result of the referendum being implemented. The joint strategy was to delay Brexit until they could claim that the clear mandate provided by the referendum had expired. At that point, they would try to implement a second referendum, probably with a fixed question and an expanded electorate including people who shouldn’t be entitled to vote.

Because of the vagaries of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, we had a cabal of backbench MPs effectively running a proxy government introducing laws such as the Benn Act for which they had no mandate. They have been aided by a partisan judiciary and a Speaker

who drives a car with a ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ sticker on it. The “Speaker of the Commons” became the “Speaker of the Asylum”.

He had overridden decades of parliamentary procedure to allow the cabal to implement laws that are not only unconstitutional but profoundly undemocratic. MPs were elected on manifesto promises to implement Brexit and those promises were ignored. MPs can only claim the legitimacy afforded by the people’s consent within the scope of their election promises.

If they act outside those promises they are acting as individuals not as agents of the people. The situation was especially bad as these MPs were also protecting their unique position of power by preventing a general election. The gas had been turned up on the pressure cooker and the safety valve has been blocked. It was dictatorship. Not so much ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ but ‘Bollocks to the People’.

Become a British Patriot. West Lancashire is a Leave constituency. A Brexit constituency. Perhaps it’s time to say “Bollocks to Bercow, Bollocks to Remainers”?


2 thoughts on “It’s A Brexit Election, ‘The Government Will Do Whatever You Decide’!

  1. stodgey

    I voted to leave in 1975, was sad to see the country deciding to stay in the then EEC trading block – but even as a 22 year old, I ACCEPTED THE RESULT.

    Thanks to people like Tony Benn, I knew then what the end game was, I knew a political union was the goal – whatever Heath, Wilson and company said. There was no writing on the side of a bus then – but there was certainly a veritable cornucopia of lies by the pro-remain establishment. But as they got what they wanted, a rubber stamping of their decision to join & remain – and the ACCEPTANCE of the result by the leaving losers, the establishment was happy – after all, the people had spoken, and we live in a democracy, right?

    And nobody, but NOBODY asked awkward questions like ‘Yes, but what KIND of Remain did we vote for?’

    Was it the EEC, ‘don’t worry, it’s just a trading block’ circa 1975 kind?
    Maybe the Maastricht ‘let’s not panic, it’s purely to tie up a few loose ends’ Treaty kind?
    Or perhaps the Treaty of Amsterdam or the Treaty of Nice – those pesky loose ends have worked loose again.
    Or do you reckon it was the Lisbon ‘heading irrevocably towards an EU superstate’ Treaty kind?….

    In 2004, I was running a small graphics business. As the deadline for the first tranche of Eastern European countries to join the rapidly expanding EU came and went I began to get bombarded with emails and mail drops from various Agencies telling me about the possibility of employing Eastern European staff. The special, very special selling point they all had in common was not they were super-professional, nor incredibly talented; no, the unique selling proposition, the USP was that they were all cheap. Cheaper than my existing staff.

    Cheap, cheap, cheap – the inference being I get rid of the people I have, and replace them all with an imported overseas workforce who would work for a fraction of ‘the going rate’. Each and every time, I ignored the email/letter bombardment because I realised a national undercutting exercise (encouraged by Tony Blair) was going on – with ordinary working people in the private sector being the victims; and paying the price.

    Over the years, I’ve seen confirmation of that view many times. Perhaps the most compelling example was in the mid 2000’s when I was doing work for a mid-sized builder. He was building a block of apartments using local labour. His brother-in-law was the site foreman of the project. I was hired to design and market the sales and property particulars for the apartments. Several meetings in and I’m on nodding terms with some of the brickies & labourers there as I made my way to the site office to see the owner. And then it all changed.

    I arrived at the site, saw a load of workers toiling away, but didn’t recognise anyone, nor understand what they were saying. Speaking to the owner, it turned out he’d sacked his old workforce, including his brother-in-law and employed a new crew (via an agency) entirely from Poland. The reason why he’d done that? Because they were cheap, he saved a fortune on wages because they would do the work for less than the going rate. We did the work he’d already commissioned, got paid, then stepped away.

    Glad I did to be honest as he never actually finished his block of apartments. The new workforce made so many mistakes, and consequently the work fell behind so much that his credit dried up and he eventually went bankrupt. I bet his brother-in-law was made up.

    Fast forward to 2016 and the second referendum. Leave won, and I expected, (just like in 1975), the result to be enacted upon. The people had spoken, the elected servants would get their collective backsides into gear and make it happen…..

    How naive was I?


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