Is This A West Lancashire Brexit Election?

You might be forgiven if you think Brexit is not an election issue in West Lancashire?

As Rosie Cooper issues her latest message, Brexit is nowhere in sight. Who you vote for to be your MP really matters, she claims. When you need her she’s there. On 12 December she needs you, be there. But not for Brexit?

Her case is for £40million for the West Lancashire College site; 17,000 extra NHS dental places; her campaign against fracking; Protecting Ormskirk Hospital from merger or closure; delivering Skelmersdale Railway [subject to funding]; Record of delivery, promise of more. But not one word about Brexit, as voted for by the constituency!

She complains that under Conservatives there is constant underfunding of Ormskirk Hospital and privatisation of local health services; 750 police officers cut from Lancashire Constabulary; 26% of children trapped in poverty, that’s 6,199 children; 6,820 pensioners set to lose their free TV licences; 87 people “dying a day” waiting for social care; overturned LCC rejection of fracking, with Altcar now under threat; and Conservative priorities are not West Lancashire priorities. 

But no mention of Brexit. Remainers in Brexit Leave constituencies are at a disadvantage. When we need to know how she would vote in a new parliament we don’t know!

Meanwhile, we hear that “Yesterday it was great to take part in the West Lancashire hustings on BBC Radio Lancashire. A shame that @rosie4westlancs decided not to attend” from Jack Gilmore the lonely Tory candidate seemingly abandoned by the local Tory Association.

Was Rosie not invited? Did she decline to attend? We should be told. 

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