Bigoted Social Media Comments

The Champion

has resurrected the “Brexit candidate’s bigoted social media comments” by revealing what Marc Stanton said and how he has apologized for his “series of offensive comments about Jewish people, Muslims, and women”.

Of some comments, made “years ago at the end of a tiring day and on a private account. I made a mistake and condemn such language and all forms of bigotry”. And “My grandmother was Jewish, and so being part Jewish myself I find it strange that I am accused of being anti-Semitic and Islamophobic at the same time”.

Well, really? Mr Stanton wonders why “…some of my Facebook posts from several years ago have been taken out of context and in a selective manner for the purpose of trying to cause me a problem”.

Surely it’s the fact of him writing them in public at all that’s his problem, not the public who then read them? Hasn’t the West Lancashire Brexit Party been rubbished by them and given Leave supporters a quandry about where their votes should go? It’s a

“hold your nose while you vote Stanton” moment! Or perhaps not!

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