Comedian “Pelted” By One Bread Roll

The Guardian reported “Comedian Nish Kumar

was booed and pelted with bread at a charity lunch after making jokes about Brexit”.

Kumar, who hosts the BBC comedy series The Mash Report, was appearing at the Lord’s Taverners

annual charity cricket lunch when he faced jeers from the crowd. The comedian’s set was reportedly met with laughs until he made jokes about Brexit and former House of Commons speaker John Bercow, who was in attendance at the event. Footage from the set posted on Twitter by attendee Jon Austin shows Kumar comparing himself to Bercow and refusing to leave the stage despite boos.

“I’m not going anywhere” Kumar says. “Absolutely not. I’m full Bercowing it. Absolute Bercow. I know you want me to do it but I’m not gonna leave. Absolutely not. Absolutely not”.

Kumar is then joined on stage by the host of the event, who proceeds to escort him off. “Can I shake your hand sir?” he asks. “Ladies and gentlemen, Nish gave his time to come and support this charity today, and I think the very least we can do is say thank you for doing that”.

Austin, who filmed the incident and uploaded it to Twitter, captioned the video with the message “A man absolutely died on stage”. Reports additionally claimed that one attendee threw a bread roll at Kumar.

On Twitter, Kumar laughed off the incident, tweeting “In my defence it was only one bread roll and it missed me. I understand I’m trending because someone threw bread at me. Anyway please donate to @chooselove & vote out the bread throwers on December 12th”.

Also on twitter “Stay safe Nish, it starts with bread rolls, next time it could be a French stick, Warburtons toastie loaf, how far will they go?”

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