West Lancashire Tactical Voting?

Is it time to Unite2Leave?

Might we have to vote tactically to secure a Brexit majority parliament or lose Brexit forever? How to make your Brexit vote count on December 12?

Unite2Leave suggests that in our “Leave” Constituency of West Lancashire “We should vote tactically for the Conservative Party as based on current polling data this seat is most likely a Labour hold, but the Tories are less than a 4% swing behind. This is within the margin of error and therefore we recommend voting Conservative”.

Current preference data shows BRX 8,376 33.6%, LAB 5,000 20.1%, LIBDem 3,873 15.6%, GRN 3,172 12.7%, CON 2,113 8.5%, UKIP 913 3.7%. 

By combining data from the results of the Referendum, the 2017 General Election, the 2019 European Election and the Brexit stance of the sitting MP and viable contenders from other parties, you can decide where your vote could be placed to deliver the result you want. But be prepared to hold your nose as you vote!

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