Mr “Green But Undemocratic” Puddifer?

Mr “Green Party” Puddifer

states “All of our policies are voted on & decided by its members”.

Would all Green policies voted on decisions be by a democratic majority, do you suppose? In the 2017 General Election Green Caroline Lucas accepted without question she had received more votes than opponents and was elected. So by her definition of democracy the votes of 17.4million should be unchallenged. Dream on!

The Green manifesto states “We are a proudly pro-European party and are unequivocally campaigning for Britain to Remain in the EU”.

In the UK, a centuries old democracy, the Greens will ignore the democratic vote of those 17.4million people to “Back a Citizens Convention and citizens assemblies to examine further ways to strengthen democracy, including developing a written People’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, and ensure the proposals come before Parliament. This will enshrine genuine democracy at the core of our political system, making sure that ultimate power will always rest with the people. Read that again “examine further ways to strengthen democracy”!  

“A Green vote in this General Election is an opportunity to choose remaining in the EU and transforming the UK. It’s an opportunity to choose a People’s Vote. It’s an opportunity to choose Project Hope over Project Fear.

“As the first of the postal ballots begin to arrive, Please consider the Green party. We`ve been consistent with our message, throughout this campaign. Climate change Is a reality, which needs to be addressed – Now. Other parties are finally acknowledging action need to be taken.

“However all are falling short of what needs to be done & are pale Imitations of the greens. If you feel voting “Green” Is a “wasted vote”, I can assure you It Is not & unlike other parties we never take any vote for granted. We are not “bankrolled” by major donors or big business.

“Yes, at times our policies may have seemed to be radical, yet are now mainstream, or indeed copied by other parties! As for this Election, we couldn`t produce a “glossy, all singing, all dancing, leaflet”, simply because we didn`t have the funds. We took the brave decision to stand, purely to give voters the choice to vote green. As Caroline Lucas said “If you’ve ever thought about voting Green, do it. If not now, when?”

Mr Puddifer tweeted “All official now!. Election papers in, £500 deposit paid, all I need now is 30,000 votes to be in with a chance!” but if he doesn’t he could always say, as his party does, that genuine democracy wasn’t seen to be done!

Or is that just about 17,4million Brexit Leave votes?

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