No Brexit With Rosie?

“Will you help get Brexit done?”

was the question for Labour party general election candidates from Tory candidates.

We seem to have Rosie Coopers’ answer. Silence. Her double sided leaflet refers to the NHS, policing, schools, plastics and climate change, and fighting to save free TV licences for over 75s. And that’s it.

As we quoted recently from the Visiter, Rosie said “I am a pro-European and believe that our economic future lies with Europe”.

Labour’s 2019 Brexit policy ‘Remain’ or ‘Remain but with no vote’. Second Referendum to be held within 120 days of taking office…Options to be Remain or New Deal, no Leave option will be presented to voters. We’ll keep on looking for more from Rosie on Brexit

without much hope of change.

4 thoughts on “No Brexit With Rosie?

  1. stodgey

    The arrogance is both astonishing – yet oh-so predictable. She is part of the massive continuity Remain crew at Westminster. No matter what her constituents want, Rosie (our supposed servant) knows better.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Some time ago she said she would honour the 2016 referendum leave decision of her constituents. That’s disappeared now. It seems not to be important enough now. Her confused party policy now seems to be to rely on referring back to the NHS founding in 1948 but only back nine years of crisis. Who was the Labour Treasury minister who left a note saying “sorry, there’s no money left”?

  2. stodgey

    Even people like Dominic Grieve & Anna Soubry declared in 2016 they would honour the referendum decision. They even stood and got elected on a 2017 Tory manifesto which declared ‘No deal was better than a bad deal’. Now, conveniently all forgotten by most of the former inhabitants of the Commons. Labour’s NHS trope, now rebranded by them into ‘Our NHS’….. Our NHS this, our NHS that, it’s not for sale, it’s going to be gobbled up, drugs are going to cost half a billion quid a week………… Now, ‘Our NHS’ appears to have acquired the status of a demure damsel, tied to a railway line by a wicked, wicked man dressed in black cloak and top hat with a distinctly orange glow to his face and sporting the mother of all comb-overs.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Yes, indeed, and aren’t the Grieve/Soubry ilk perfect examples for a law that would require elected members of political parties forced to serve the full term of their election within the party and within the party manifesto that the electorate supported. Otherwise there should be “breach of public contract” for which a ban on any future candidature is statutory?


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