It’s Me, And Greens, Against The World?

By a “Tory Boy” turned “Green” via the Libdems!

In a recent interview, John Puddifer  

the Green Party Candidate for West Lancashire shared his goals for the campaign and the motive behind it. John says one of the biggest differences between himself and Rosie Cooper is that he is a remainer and he ‘knows she isn’t’ which is an odd claim because she IS!

“I`m 44 & was born In Ormskirk & have lived In West Lancashire my entire life. Mostly In Ormskirk, Skelmersdale & for the last four years here In Wrightington”. He continued to say that “there’s so much potential in West Lancashire, saying ‘there’s so much that needs doing round here that just gets ignored’. He placed a specific emphasis on the ‘forgotten town’ of Skelmersdale saying that it would be a ‘perfect base’ for new businesses and innovations in technology…” which he might find there if he looks hard enough?

Mr Puddifer also wants to see better transport in the region. He doesn’t drive so is in a position where he can understand the frustration of having to get multiple busses to reach a location. He then expessed his frustration on ‘northern fail’.

He says he is just ‘a humble post office worker’ and that the change from that position to becoming a parliamentary candidate made him think ‘what have I taken on?’ As the Green Party is so small he says he doesn’t get close to the level of funding of the other parties and that he’s focusing on spreading the message as much as possible through Twitter and Facebook.

He was selected to represent the party by the small group of Green Party members with some being hesitant to even stand a candidate out of fear they may split the Lib Dem vote. He said, however, he was more concerned about ‘getting the green message out,’ as he went on to say that it’s a ‘foregone conclusion’ that ‘we’re not going to get our deposit back.’ He did also hope that “we could do better than we thought we would”.

The Green Party set an ambitious target for net zero emissions of 2030 and he thinks it will ‘transform this life’ further saying it will ‘create jobs’ and ‘a better quality of life.’ Mr Puddifer however also has a “concerning past as these Facebook posts will show…I’m only joking, we’re not doing that again, the Puddifer Facebook is just like any other sane human’s. The concerning past I’m referring to is his admittedly ‘dire’ political history as he used to be a ‘Tory boy’ up until 2015 when he found that his being a europhile didn’t fit with the overall party, he was then briefly supporting the Lib Dems before becoming a Green.

When he settled in the Green Party he ran in the local elections in his ward of Appley Bridge. He says that the goal in the upcoming election is to build a base for the Greens and said some people thought ‘if we didn’t stand in this election, what would happen next time, what would the reason then be?’

Mr Puddifer seemed resigned to the fact that there’s not much hope of a victory and said that a Lib Dem victory would be the ‘lesser evil’. He is very much an underdog in this election but he “is the only credible candidate who has spent his entire life in the constituency and he sees himself as the humble local candidate hoping to make a difference through policies that he genuinely believes in”.

In a statement he said “Simply, my proudest moment so far! A voter posted his `postal vote`! Humble indeed!

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